SQL Payroll 1.2018.148.133

Posted on 23 January 2018

What's new in this version (download here)

Release notes

  • No more support Windows XP & Windows Server 2008 and below
  • Bug #4498: Hong Leong bank Connect BIZ excel "Beneficiary Email Address" column does not fill with employee email
  • Bug #4497: Changes on leave application record will revert to old value after save
  • Add support of MUFG Giro Email Notification file format
  • Bug #4506: Change leave type of leave application prompt error access violation
  • Feature #4504: No EIS contribution for employee age below 18
  • Feature #4505: Rename description of EIS category and remove unused EIS category
  • Bug #4507: Payroll yearly individual report does not exclude employee already resigned
  • Fix incorrect number of children qualifed for tax relief in income tax reports
  • Feature #4496: Change default output directory to C:\ for all banks and statutory bodies output file
  • Fix incorrect value of tax exempted in income tax e-Data Praisi report for year 2017
  • Add income tax Lampiran B report

SQL Payroll 1.2018.147.132

Posted on 16 January 2018

Release notes

  • Fix EIS Borang 2 / 2A report does not exclude inactive employee, employee with EIS type equal to zero
  • Add EIS type and EIS category column to employee record browse grid
  • Fix bug #4491: Edit employee paysheet of adhoc payroll auto calculate EIS contribution even though the user choose not calculate EIS for the adhoc payroll
  • Fix bug #4492: Missing leading zero for state code column in Hong Leong bank Connect BIZ EPF excel file format
  • Fix bug #4493: Unable to process payroll for employee with join date fall after start of the payroll month
  • Fix bug #4494: Employee default allowance contribution setting does not follow the origin allowance contribution setting after assign allowance code

SQL Payroll 1.2018.146.132

Posted on 10 January 2018

Release notes

  • Fix bug #4486: EIS Borang 2A report does not exclude employee already resigned, employee with default remuneration does not contribute to EIS
  • Fix unable to process payroll for employee with resigned date
  • Add support of print EIS listing report
  • Add feature #4485: Add income tax e-Data Praisi for year 2017
  • Calculate EIS if employee EIS type is "Yes"
  • Database upgrade to version 86

SQL Payroll 1.2018.145.131

Posted on 8 January 2018

Release notes

  • Bug #4409: Missing employee information columns on leave application batch entry
  • Feature #4418: Add "Bank Pertanian Malaysia Berhad" to bank drop down list
  • Fix employee name is empty after read from MyKad
  • Fix application prompt override access right window twice even though ADMIN override the access right
  • Generate Hong Leong bank connect biz excel file with .xlsx extension due to bank web server return error message "system error"
  • Prompt message to user before save employee leave application if total days on the date exceed 1 day.
  • Add process date, description 2, ref 1 and ref 2 columns to payroll process lookup
  • Bug #4453: Print PCB calculation of year 2017 show "education and medical insurance premium" with "deferred annuity premium" amount
  • Feature #4459: Add support of merge payroll yearly individual pay reports into one report
  • Provide user an easy way to configure unpaid leave calculation without write script
  • Provide user an easy way to configure leave bought forward without write script
  • Provide user an easy way to configure leave entitlement policy without write script
  • Add HRDF rate to company profile
  • Calculate HRDF report for the month of the year
  • Feature #4461: Application will not calculate amount for pending overtime or unpaid leave if amount not equal to zero unless "use system calculated amount for pending overtime/unpaid leave" option is checked
  • Feature #4462: Allow user to process final payroll for the month by employee, branch, department, etc
  • Add EIS calculation for year 2018
  • Feature #4465: Employee EPF rate revert to 11% effective Jan 2018 payroll
  • Add PCB calculation for year 2018
  • Database upgrade to version 85

SQL Payroll 1.2017.143.130

Posted on 7 October 2017

Release notes

  • Purpose code is not required if payment mode is "IFT" in AmBank Net Salary file format
  • Fix bug #4346: Wages trans always post to default GL account regardless of GL account for each wages code, if generate payment voucher per employee
  • Reposition "Apply" button on report param form
  • Fix HRDF report one cent different issue
  • Add feature #4379: Add access right "Apply leave exceed leave entitle limit"
  • Fix preview payroll summary report more than one time prompt error "Interface C? already registered"
  • Fix bug #4347: Missing hidden columns in Hong Leong bank CONNECT BIZ EPF, SOCSO and IRB excel file format
  • Fix bug #4395: Missing data for header, sub header and footer record in RHB EPF text file format
  • Fix bug #4339: Add category parameter to reports
  • Set page buffers to 300 MB for existing database
  • Database upgrade to version 84.

SQL Payroll 1.2017.141.129

Posted on 5 July 2017

Release notes

  • Show description of payroll process after user select a payroll process from drop down list

SQL Payroll 1.2017.140.129

Posted on 3 July 2017

Release notes

  • Add HR.Employee.Acceptance Of Resignation Letter, HR.Employee.Confirmation Evaluation Form, HR.Employee.Employment Application Form
  • Fix bug #4233: Failed to upload fixed length or csv file to KWSP web server due to employee name contains special character
  • Add ANVIZ under File | Import Data
  • Fix bug #4302: State code does not set 014 for header record of OCBC bank EPF text file format
  • Fix bug #4276: RHB Payroll excel file format - field length without limit
  • Add support of payroll accounting
  • Database upgrade to version 83

SQL Payroll 1.2017.138.127

Posted on 12 May 2017

Release notes

  • Show description of payroll process after user select a payroll process from drop down list
  • Fix PR.Tax.CP8D-2016-BorangE unable to fully show amount more than 100000 for Grand Total
  • Fix bug #4171: Incorrect caption of passport number field on customize income tax EA form
  • Feature #4186: Add 0% option to eligible rate of claim child deduction
  • Generate RHB bank smart payroll excel file with .xlsx extension due to bank web server return error message "unable to read the file" if without re-save the excel file with excel application
  • Feature #4201: Add leave module to accountant set
  • Allow user to enter generic payment information if user select Alliance bank BizSmart Bulk Payment file format
  • Revert header of column E and F to "Employee Internal ID" and "Customer Reference" in Hong Leong bank ePayment excel file format
  • Fix bug #4202: Employment status (employee resigned within the month) is empty for detail record of Alliance bank SOCSO text file format
  • Fix PCB amount one cent different after recalculate
  • Feature #4207: Rewrite note for employees receive monthly wages 5000 and below, the employer contribution is 13%
  • Feature #4211: File naming convention is SCEF_CompanyShortName.txt for Alliance bank SOCSO-12 digit text file format
  • Fix bug #4215: Open leave entitlement window prompt dynamic SQL error if leave code is numeric
  • Fix bug #4216: Paste employee record prompt error "You are not allowed to change DeductAttr"
  • Add View | Smart Card Reader