Software Grant | SME Grant | Digital Grant | 50% up to RM 5000 Subsidy

50% MSME Digital Grant

Calling all Malaysian MSMEs!

Take advantage of this limited 50% matching grant up to RM5,000 per entity for subscribing to SQL Cloud, SQL Account, Inventory, Payroll, POS, and more.

SQL SME Software Matching Grant - RM5000 or 50%

You can now purchase SQL products with 50% or up to RM5000 SME matching grant, subsidized by the Malaysian Government!

This government initiated SME Software Grant is only limited to the first 100,000 SMEs. There are more than 400,000 registered SMEs in Malaysia

You can now purchase or upgrade SQL products with 50% or up to RM5000 matching grant, subsidized by the Malaysian Government!

This government initiated Matching Grant is only limited to the first 100,000 SMEs. There are more than 400,000 registered SMEs in Malaysia
How it works?
1 - sme software matching grant
products - sme software matching grant
1 - sme software matching grant
Available for all SQL products

Including SQL Account, SQL Payroll, SQL POS, SQL Connect and E Leave.

2 - sme software matching grant
Registered and Classified At Least
SME + 60%
Owned by Malaysian
2 - sme software matching grant
eligibility - sme software matching grant
3 - sme software matching grant
Years of Operation Min. Annual Sales Turnover
6 Month or Above Minimum RM 50,000 or Above
3 - sme software matching grant
Year of operation & min annual sales turnover

Don't waste anymore time and click the APPLY NOW button for this amazing SME Software Grant.

Companies that are registered and classified SMEs and also owned by Malaysians are entitled for this SME grant. This SME software grant will make to easier to shift our business into a digitalize era. SQL is excited and prepared to assist you in this SME software grant application.

Do not wait any longer and submit your application for the SME grant right now!


Submit all your inquiries to us and we will assist claim the SME Software Grant from the government for you!


Why Choose SQL?
SQL Account
SQL Account

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Access your account & manage your business anytime, anywhere.

Batch Emails Statements

Email statement to all your customer individually with password encryptions in one simple click.

Special Industries Version

Accountant set, shipping and forwarding, property management, construction, distributor, motor vehicle system, photocopier meter.

Real-Time CTOS Company Overview Reports

Provide SQL Account users a financial standing overview of their customers and suppliers. Helping users make better business risk assessment.

Advance Security Locks

Allowed users access into the documents with restricted by advance level locks, such as hide salaries in cash book.

Intelligence Reporting

Comprehensive reporting such as commission collection reports, tracks your top 3 profitable customers, annual comparison of profit & loss.
SQL Payroll
SQL Payroll

Certified by Statutory bodies & 100% accurate

Compliant with employment requirements in Malaysia. Inclusive of KWSP, SOCSO, LHDN, EIS, HRDF, EPF Borang A, SOCSO Borang 8A, Income Tax CP39, and Borang E ready. SQL Payroll software is ready to use with minimal setup for all companies.

electronic submission & e-Payment ready

SQL Payroll Software E-submission format are prepared for all banks in Malaysia. Maybank, CIMB, HLBB, Public Bank & many more

Batch email payslip

Securely send payslips to employees using batch email with password encryption

Comprehensive management reports

Print payroll summary, yearly payroll individual report, contribution info report & many more.

Unlimited year records

Records salary info for unlimited amount of years & print EA forms for any year

E Leave mobile app

Apply for leave anytime anywhere with speedy approval from management. Get managerial view of individual leave reports and EA forms

Apply Leave Anytime, Anywhere

Say goodbye to printing leave application forms, apply your leave with SQL E Leave mobile app anytime, anywhere.

Unlimited Year Records

View your form EA, payslips, check the salary details like wages, allowance, deduction, EPF, SOCSO and many more.

Manager Dashboard

Check leave pending approval, daily attendance, leave application report easily in SQL E Leave app.

Employee Dashboard

Enjoy the freedom of checking your leave status on your mobile and receive notification alert when your leave has been approved.

Our Customers

More than 270,000 companies use SQL Account & SQL Payroll for business daily operation


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