SQL Payroll Releases

SQL Payroll 1.2020.188.162

Released on 21 Dec 2020
Release Notes
  • Enable CSV export for PR.EPF.KWSP17A.Khas2021 format
  • Add Analyse Data Integrity – Trim Code Leading and Trailing Spaces
  • #5454: Tabung Haji deduction from employee fixed deduction does not contribute to Tabung Haji after process payroll
  • Feature #5456: Add “Educational Loan” tax exempt allowance
  • Click left or right arrow scroll button on date navigator of leave application will append record
  • Import and save pending transactions prompt error duplicates not allowed

SQL Payroll 1.2020.187.161

Released on 26 Nov 2020
Release Notes
  • Fixed PR.Zakat Report spelling error
  • Fixed PR.Payslip1C format Unpaid Leave Day incorrectly shown when Batch print
  • Fixed PR.Credit.BankInstruction report ROC not correctly shown
  • Add Tabung Haji report
  • Fixed Hong Leong bank Connect First excel file format – Validation ID value not in uppercase
  • Fixed #5446: Mizuho bank IBG file format is invalid
  • Feature #5445: Add Affin bank “AutoPay Excel 2” file format
  • Feature #5448: Add Invotime under File | Import Data
  • Feature #5449: Add AmBank Bulk Payment file format
  • Show tax calculation on Edge web browser
  • Allow user to select WhatsApp contact, WhatsApp group, application contact on WhatsApp window

SQL Payroll 1.2020.186.160

Released on 12 Sep 2020
Release Notes
  • Upgrade Database to Version 105. Tunning SY_PROFILE & PT_AD table
  • Add Total Unpaid Leave Day beside Description for Payslip
  • Add leave application data import on Check Time window
  • #5433: Copy and paste employee record prompt error “No argument for format %s(%s) not found”
  • Feature #5432: Add leave entitlement processor script – based on 365 days proportion, round to day
  • Trim space and replace non-breaking space (nbsp) in email field with empty string
  • Feature #5430: Add Maybank Universal Payment Zakat file format
  • Feature #5436: Add Mizuho bank IBG, InHouse file format
  • Fix out of memory error on syncing leave application & paysheet resources
  • Feature #5435: Increase employer zakat number field length to 20
  • #5437: Bank Islam Salary Credit text file format “Credit Account Number” column is only applicable for intra-bank transfer
  • HSBC HUB MRI and ACH file format – Incorrect bank code if employee bank is HSBC Amanah
  • Feature #5440: Hong Leong bank Connect First EIS excel file format
  • #5439: Maybank2E-RC Universal Payment file format – Invalid bank code of Bank Muamalat
  • Fix Save pending transaction prompt project cannot be blank when employee code is invalid
  • #5441: Missing bank codes in AmBank Net Salary file format
  • Add data provider and data import via command line

SQL Payroll 1.2020.185.159

Released on 14 Jul 2020
Release Notes
  • Upgrade Database to Version 104
  • Add PR.Tax.CP22-2020 format
  • Enable Payslip to support User Define EMail Content Using EMail Template
  • Fix Payslip Batch Email Client body Content not properly shown
  • Feature #5420: Add Bank Islam Salary Credit text file format
  • Prevent employees have the same email before sync to server
  • #5403: RHB bank SOCSO excel file format – Fill “Employee SOCSO Number” column when employee new IC number is blank
  • #5413: LHDN CP39 text file format detail record “Employee No” column doesn’t exclude non-alphanumeric characters
  • #5412: Add HSBC bank EIS text file format
  • #5408: UOB Interbank Giro and Inter Account Fund Transfer file format – Invalid purpose code of batch detail record if beneficiary is non-resident

SQL Payroll 1.2020.182.158

Released on 06 Mar 2020
Release Notes
  • Upgrade Database to Version 103
  • Add PR.Tax.Lampiran B – Format 3
  • Add PR.Zakat.BorangSkimBerkat-Kelantan format
  • Enable user Self Define Body Email & Subject for EC 2019 & 2020
  • Increase PCB Receipt No. Size for PR.Tax.PCB2(II)-2012 format
  • Add PR.Tax.CP8D-2019-BorangE – Part A format
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP8D-2019 page 2 header not update
  • #5401: Reduce employee EPF rate to 7% with effect from 1 Apr 2020 to 31 Dec 2020
  • #5378: Prevent user unchecked PCB if allowance had assigned with tax code when edit employee paysheet
  • Fix cloud server employee data not up to date after sync due to employee record rowver not increase after append, update or delete detail dataset record
  • #5391: Marital status column of each employee record is blank in income tax lampiran 2 text file

SQL Payroll 1.2020.181.157

Released on 10 Jan 2020
Release Notes
  • Add income tax calculation for year 2020
  • #5369: Change employee country to non “MY” auto uncheck resident
  • #5368: Prompt message when contribution EPF rate is below statutory contribution rate
  • #5367: Allow user to group payment summary by branch, department, hrgroup or category (either one)
  • #5373: Alliance BizSmart Bulk Payment – Add “Payment Advice Indicator” option
  • Fix cloud server data not up to date due to change code of master data
  • Add PT.Compensation.Report

SQL Payroll 1.2019.180.156

Released on 10 Dec 2019
Release Notes
  • Upgrade Database to Version 102. – Tunning HR_LO_TRANS table
  • Add Compensation Column for PR.Summary.Grouped.Report 1 format
  • Rename PR.Summary.Grouped.Report to PR.Summary.Grouped.Report 1 format
  • Add PR.Summary.Grouped.Report 2 format
  • Add HR.Employee.Appointment.Report-BM format
  • Fixed PR.Yearly.IndividualPay.Report Detail Overlap when use Merge Options
  • Fixed OT Description unable fully shown for PR.Payslip1A.Report-V2 & PR.Payslip1C.Report-V2 format
  • Add HR.Employee.Report-BM, PR.Payslip1A.Report-V2-BM and PR.Payslip1C.Report-V2-BM format
  • Add PR.Payslip1C.Report-V2 format
  • Add Summary OT for PR.Payslip1A.Report-V2 format
  • Add overtime summary dataset to payslip report
  • Add No. of Working Days for PR.Payslip1A.Report-V2
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22 Spouse Tax Number not fully shown

SQL Payroll 1.2019.179.155

Released on 05 Nov 2019
Release Notes
  • #5356: EPF, SOCSO and income tax output file detail records not same as grid filtered records
  • Fix sync cloud prompt error could not convert variant of type (null) into type (integer)
  • #5355 Process payroll based on filtered employee list

SQL Payroll 1.2019.179.154

Released on 23 Oct 2019
Release Notes
  • Upgrade Database to Version 101 – Tunning Table SY_PROFILE & PT_UL table
  • Feature #5346: Income tax reports sort by employee name
  • Fix number of reports exclude from top 5 employees restriction
  • Increase field length for company Name for PR.Tax.PCB2(II)-2012
  • #5350: Apply payroll summary report prompt error “column unknown” if group by project, job or task
  • #5348: Add rate to pending unpaid leave
  • Feature #5267: Click “Print PCB” label open built-in PCB calculation if no internet connection

SQL Payroll 1.2019.177.153

Released on 03 Oct 2019
Release Notes
  • Upgrade Database to Version 100 – Add PT_CP table
  • #5336: Payroll summary report unable to sort by employee name
  • #5104: Remove unused “Inquiry” menu
  • Add #5307: Tax exemption on compensation for loss of employment
  • #5334: Add bank code for Islamic banks
  • #5345: Open and close employee payroll windows prompt error “Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window”

SQL Payroll 1.2019.176.152

Released on 28 Aug 2019
Release Notes
  • Upgrade Database to Version 99 – Tunning SY_USER table
  • Update PR.EPF.BorangA.2009.Report No Rujukan Borang A format
  • Fix incorrect account number of detail record of Affin bank AutoPay text file format
  • Allow user choose to include employee payroll info before sync to server
  • Add data import from EMAS payroll
  • Add Unpaid Leave detail to sub report 3 for PR.Payslip1A.Report format

SQL Payroll 1.2019.175.151

Released on 20 Aug 2019
Release Notes
  • Enhance & Retuning Report
  • Fix #5287: Unable to display message with unicode string on payslip report
  • Fix #5289: Incorrect length of SOCSO account number column of AmBank AutoPay SOCSO text file format
  • Fix leave application cloud_autokey always null after sync if the leave application created by user

SQL Payroll 1.2019.173.149

Released on 01 Aug 2019
Release Notes
  • Upgrade Database to Version 97 – Tuning LV_APP table
  • Feature #5216: Add income tax Lampiran B report for year 2019
  • Add PR.Tax.Lampiran B – Format 1 & Format 2
  • Add PR.Summary-30C-L2.Report
  • Add Sub Detail for Yearly Individual Pay report
  • Fix bug #5254: Current month additional remuneration no separate to bonus, commission, director fees and others when pre-fill data on IRB calculator
  • Feature #5206: Add AmBank Net Payroll EIS text file format
  • Fix missing trailing spaces on receiver name column of Affin bank CIB Bulk Payment text file format
  • Fix missing 6 spaces on trailer record of Affin bank AutoPay text file format
  • #5235: OCBC bank EPF text file format “Employee Identification No” column is blank if the employee has passport number only
  • #5247: Incorrect amount of deduction summary due to same cube cell ID even though employees code are unique
  • Fix Hong Leong bank Connect BIZ EIS payment column B of header and detail header are blank

SQL Payroll 1.2019.172.148

Released on 03 Jul 2019
Release Notes
  • Fill employee name line 2 continuation from employee name line 1 if employee name exceed 40 characters
  • Fix Hong Leong bank Connect BIZ SOCSO payment excel file format “Member SOCSO No” column cannot leave blank
  • Adjust implementation of leave application data item
  • Fix sync error of approved leave application
  • #5221: Missing records in IRB payment file format
  • #5209: Pre-filled data for verification in LHDN calculator

SQL Payroll 1.2019.168.147

Released on 17 Jun 2019
Release Notes
  • Upgrade Database to Version 96 – Add HR_EMP_MGR table
  • Fix income tax lampiran 2 report contains record “zakat from deduction” even though the actual deduction without subject to zakat deduction
  • Add HR.Employee.Payment By Cash Letter
  • #5178: Display error on tax rate percentage when preview PCB calculation
  • #5170: Add commission to non month end payroll will calculate PCB amount even though the payroll processed without calculate PCB
  • #5172: Unable to remove temporary tables after process payroll
  • Allow user to change post date of pending leave application via sync cloud; exclude cancelled leave application before display on grid
  • Feature #5162: Add Affin bank EIS text file format
  • Add Affin bank CIB Bulk Payment text file format
  • #5177: Application always start with default theme even though user already disabled the theme
  • #5100: Add RHB bank BulkPay Payroll file format
  • #5099: Add RHB bank BulkPay Statutory Payment file format
  • Add support of manager by branch or department

SQL Payroll 1.2019.167.146

Released on 07 May 2019
Release Notes
  • Fixed HR.Employee.Listing Export Excel Allowance empty
  • Fixed HR.Employee.Increment.Report Export to Word content overlap
  • Add Employee Socso no in NRIC column for PR.SOCSO.Borang8A(201407).Report
  • Add income tax EA, EC, CP8D and eData Praisi reports for year 2019
  • Add Payable HRDF amt for PR.HRDF-HRDFOnly
  • Feature: Default theme set as stardust
  • Add data import from a zip file contains multiple csv files – File | Import Data | Batch Import.
  • Feature #5153: Add EcoTimePrint under File | Import Data
  • Feature #5106: Add AmBank AutoPay Payroll EIS text file format
  • Update AmBank AutoPay Payroll text file format based on version 4.1
  • Feature #5136: Add OCBC bank EIS text file format

SQL Payroll 1.2019.166.145

Released on 02 Apr 2019
Release Notes
  • Database upgrade to version 95. – Tunning PR_AL, PR_CONTRIB, SY_DIY_OBJECT, SY_DIY & PT_TD Tables
  • Fixed PR.Tax.BorangEA-2018 & 2019 -English – Column B3 & B4 line overlap with amount
  • Add income tax Lampiran 2 report
  • Fix #5019: Employee tax category is blank when preview payroll yearly individual report
  • Fix “Myco ID/SSM Number” column of EIS Lampiran 1 text file format can contains only characters A-Z and 0-9
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP8D-2016 & 2017 field mapping error
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP8D-2018 export excel all font in white color
  • Enable Batch Email for PR.Tax.PCB2(II)-2012
  • Enlarge the Receipt No field to support up to 18 char for PR.Tax.PCB2(II)-2012
  • Feature #5066: Auto add allowance contribute to PCB if employee SOCSO borne by employer
  • Add EA Form to Sync Cloud
  • Add Hong Leong bank Connect BIZ EIS excel file format
  • Generate Public bank ECP excel file with .xlsx extension
  • Add Affin bank AutoPay text file format

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