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SQL Payroll Releases

SQL Payroll 1.2022.208.175

Released on 06 Jan 2022
Release Notes
  • Add dashboard access right
  • Database upgrade to version 113
  • Add dashboard
  • Add payroll calculator year 2022
  • Add TP1 & TP3 2022 report in Maintain Employee
  • Add auto append optional tax relief for EIS
  • Add Attr column to PT_TD table
  • Feature #5570: Add PTPTN deduction
  • Revise zakat and tabung haji options on employee deduction, master deduction and pending deduction
  • Add DeductionType, DeductionAttr column to HR_EMP_DE, PR_DE and PT_DE table
  • Sync payroll payslip to server
  • Sync leave application attachment to and from server
  • Add Attachments column to LV_APP table
  • Enable Support Name2 option for PDF Password for batch email for EA 2020 & 2021
  • #5586: Upload RHB Reflex SOCSO excel file to bank return error “Employee SOCSO Number must not be greater than 9 digits”
  • #5585: Maybank2E-RC Universal Payment SOCSO file format “New ID No” column is not filled with SOCSO number when the employee is foreign worker
  • Add PR.EPF.KWSP17A.Khas2022 & remove PR.EPF.KWSP17A.Khas2021 format
  • Fixed PR.Zakat-Kelantan Mobile Number not properly shown
  • #5583: No Value for UOM field in Wages Pipeline for Payslip
  • #5582: Prompt access violation when click “calculate amount” on PCB receipt
  • Feature #5315: Auto fill Gender, DOB and SOCSO number after enter New IC number
  • #5580: Adhoc allowance error when just check Allowance
  • Add Entitle variable to calculate BF leave script
  • Add Process Pipeline for Batch email for Payslip
  • Fixed GetTitle shown empty for Batch Email in EA for 2019 to 2021

SQL Payroll 1.2021.206.174

Released on 23 Oct 2021
Release Notes
  • Add GetTitle option & Parameter pipeline for Batch Email in EA for 2019 to 2021
  • Add GetMonth & GetTitle Option for Batch Email in Payslip
  • Fix Number of bank file formats are invalid
  • #5572: Bank EPF file format detail record employee name column value missing a character when employee name length exceed 40 characters
  • Add Grand Total for Remuneration column for EIS, EPF & Socso List report
  • Revise bank excel file formats only assign cell object string value when value is not empty
  • Adjust leave application rule to allow insert leave taken and leave replacement on the same date

SQL Payroll 1.2021.205.173

Released on 25 Sep 2021
Release Notes
  • Fix HRDF report amount not calculated when remuneration less than 0
  • Fixed PR.Payslip1C.Report-V2 payslip detail for AL, DE & UL not match with Header Amount
  • Bug #5566: Income tax CP22A report incorrect number of children
  • Fixed PR.EPF.List.Report Remuneration is empty
  • #5567: Resigned employee deduction calculated with wage, ot and unpaid leave in column B1 in CP22A
  • Fix payroll sync to address GetMemDS throw error
  • Fixed HR.Employee.Payment By Cash Letter batch print footer employee name not correctly shown
  • Reduce Row usage on export to excel for PR.Summary.Grouped-L1.Report 1
  • Add support of preview payment voucher or journal entry before save to file
  • Add cloud claim report
  • #1636: Add Rate column in bonus to calculate amount
  • Database upgrade to version 112

SQL Payroll 1.2021.204.172

Released on 13 Aug 2021
Release Notes
  • #5563: Add payment method parameter in coinage report
  • Reduce Column Usage on Export to excel & add contribution No for EFF, EIS, Socso & Tax List report
  • Adjust grid view column auto width property for pending payroll entry forms
  • Fixed unable to link e claim for 1st time setting

SQL Payroll 1.2021.203.171

Released on 02 Aug 2021
Release Notes
  • Fixed LV.Yearly.Report reduce Row on export to Excel
  • #5554: Leave inquiry prompt “Dynamic SQL error”
  • Fixed PR.Zakat-Penang format unable shown record more then 26 employee
  • #5555: Show negative symbol on Payroll Yearly Report
  • Revise RHB Bank SOCSO Format
  • #5553: Upload AffinMax AutoPay text file to bank return errors
  • #5552: PCB amount not round up when employee is non-resident and remuneration with cents
  • #5556: Upload AffinMax Corporate IBG excel file to bank return error
  • #5557: PCB amount is not correct when accumulated remuneration greater than 0 and current month allowance with tax code contribute to PCB (A)
  • #5558: Fixed Incorrect CR and DR posting for HRDF JE and Accrual
  • #5526: Income tax CP8D and eData Praisi reports added “Gross Remuneration – Without Cents” column
  • Prompt warning when changing payroll opening amount after payroll was processed

SQL Payroll 1.2021.201.170

Released on 18 Jun 2021
Release Notes
  • Update Pending Reports – Reduce Column Usage on Export to Excel
  • Update Maintenance Reports – Reduce Column Usage on Export to excel
  • Add PR.Tax.List.Report format
  • #5483: Auto +60 if mobile number contains only 0..9
  • Feature #5546: HRDF levy exemption for year 2021
  • #5545: Fixed total AL taken exceed entitled message prompt
  • #5537: Change some format specification on Maybank Bulk Payment
  • Add Public Bank Excel format for EPF, SOCSO, TAX
  • #5538: Add ‘Print HRDF’ button to Month End for December
  • Revise AffinMax AutoPay Excel and AffinMax CorporateIBG Excel
  • Add Sync Cloud access right
  • #5536: Access Right for Print Loan Repayment History

SQL Payroll 1.2021.200.169

Released on 06 Apr 2021
Release Notes
  • Update PR.Tax.CP22A to support ESOS in Tax Benefit
  • Update PR.Tax.LampiranB to support ESOS in Tax Benefit
  • Update CP8D 2016 to 2020 to support ESOS in Tax Benefit
  • #5520: Add on ‘Pampasan kerana kehilangan kerja’ to total in CP21, CP22A, CP22B
  • Add PR.Tax.CP21-2021 format & fix PR.Tax.CP21-2015 error on preview
  • #5495: Income tax CP8 report B2 column exclude tax benefit amount
  • Fixed CP8D format export to excel font become white color
  • #5514: Add “Employee Share Option Scheme” tax benefit
  • Feature #5533: Calculate unpaid leave amount using formula default wage / 26
  • #5535: Uncheck HRDF when create new commission code
  • #5534: Grid filters out newly marked as rejected leave if “Show Rejected Record” property is false
  • #5532: Add Ambank-Access Biz format
  • Add New Excel class for EPF, SOCSO, EIS, CP39 and Zakat
  • #5525: Add AffinMax Statutory Text format
  • #5528: Change Bank Swift Code to Bank Name in Maybank Bulk Payment
  • Update HSBC bank code list
  • #5527: Allowance work unit is zero after process payroll due to fixed allowance rate is zero
  • Public bank excel file format “Total Amount” column doesn’t have formula
  • #5522: Add AffinMax AutoPay Excel, AffinMax AutoPay Text
  • #5521: Delete and reprocess employee payroll prompt error “Employee payroll already closed”
  • #5517: Prompt reminder when exceed leave limit including forward date taken
  • Add income tax EA data cloud sync for year 2019 & 2020
  • #5512: Generate journal entry for employer contribution accrual include HRDF

SQL Payroll 1.2021.199.168

Released on 06 Apr 2021
Release Notes
  • Upgrade Database Version 111
  • Add PR.Payslip3A.Report-V2 format
  • Income tax CP8D report column I return unexpected value when there is compensation record
  • Fix display mistake on yearly individual report title
  • #5506: Added Min Remuneration per Month to Lampiran B
  • Add Total Amount for PR.Tax.CP21-2015
  • Fixed CP8D-2020 Grand Total Amount for Column R no decimal point
  • Add “Company ID From BIB” parameter to UOB Bulk Payment file format
  • #5507: Allow user to delete income tax EA & EC customized
  • Pending overtime calculate system pay rate return zero
  • #5208 : Sort past payroll with descending order
  • #5383: Added check duplicate rest day or public holiday upon click save
  • Rename Affin bank AutoPay Excel 2 to AffinMax Corporate IBG Excel
  • #5510: History records are appended into incorrect employee master when use batch editor
  • #5503: Adjust leave application inquiry window
  • #5504: Remove Open Leave History window
  • #5502: Remove country code from mobile no. for bank file export
  • Fix Employee payroll right click open payroll info does nothing
  • Fix UOB IBG file format File Control Header record “File Name” field is empty

SQL Payroll 1.2021.197.167

Released on 05 Mar 2021
Release Notes
  • #5501: RHB Bank incorrect Batch Number
  • #5499: Public Bank ECP Text (BIF) incorrect Bank Rakyat bank code
  • #5485: Update Maybank file format names

SQL Payroll 1.2021.197.166

Released on 26 Feb 2021
Release Notes
  • Upgrade Database to Version 110
  • Add TaxCode column for Yearly Allowance, Code column for Yearly Tax Benefit and Yearly Tax Deduction
  • Fixed CP8D for 2016 – 2020 grand total not correctly sum in some scenario
  • Add Lampiran B format 4
  • Feature #5497: Income tax lampiran B report add SOCSO and EIS field
  • Fixed TP1 from 2017 to 2021 wrong Field mapping
  • Feature #1484: Paid leave support auto calculate rate
  • Feature #5359: Add Note member to claim tran
  • #5492: Resize note and photo components on Employee.EF
  • Feature #5490: Update Maybank2E-RC Universal Payment file format based on version 6.0, Maybank hash formula
  • Add OTContribDS variable to calculate overtime payrate script

SQL Payroll 1.2021.193.165

Released on 30 Jan 2021
Release Notes
  • Upgrade Database to Version 109
  • #5475: Allowance tax code does not refresh based on master setting
  • PR.Payslip1A.Report-V2 Unpaid Leave shown 0 when batch print

SQL Payroll 1.2021.191.164

Released on 23 Jan 2021
Release Notes
  • Upgrade Database to Version 108
  • Add CP22, CP22A & CP22B 2021 format
  • Fixed PR.Summary.Grouped-.Report 2 Display Format not consistent
  • Add CP8D 2020 Format
  • #5470: Copy to excel prompt error index out of bounds when select all employees on browse form
  • Feature #5415: Add Maybank Bulk Payment file format
  • #5471: Account Name too short in Mizuho Giro

SQL Payroll 1.2021.190.163

Released on 08 Jan 2021
Release Notes
  • Upgrade Database to Version 107
  • Add Feature E-Claim
  • #5454: Tabung Haji deduction from employee fixed deduction does not contribute to Tabung Haji after process payroll
  • Feature #5450: Reduce employee EPF rate to 9% with effect from 1 Jan 2021 to 31 Dec 2021
  • Add payroll calculator for year 2021
  • Fix LV.Balance.Report-Employee Performance preview date format error

SQL Payroll 1.2020.188.162

Released on 21 Dec 2020
Release Notes
  • Enable CSV export for PR.EPF.KWSP17A.Khas2021 format
  • Add Analyse Data Integrity – Trim Code Leading and Trailing Spaces
  • #5454: Tabung Haji deduction from employee fixed deduction does not contribute to Tabung Haji after process payroll
  • Feature #5456: Add “Educational Loan” tax exempt allowance
  • Click left or right arrow scroll button on date navigator of leave application will append record
  • Import and save pending transactions prompt error duplicates not allowed

SQL Payroll 1.2020.187.161

Released on 26 Nov 2020
Release Notes
  • Fixed PR.Zakat Report spelling error
  • Fixed PR.Payslip1C format Unpaid Leave Day incorrectly shown when Batch print
  • Fixed PR.Credit.BankInstruction report ROC not correctly shown
  • Add Tabung Haji report
  • Fixed Hong Leong bank Connect First excel file format – Validation ID value not in uppercase
  • Fixed #5446: Mizuho bank IBG file format is invalid
  • Feature #5445: Add Affin bank “AutoPay Excel 2” file format
  • Feature #5448: Add Invotime under File | Import Data
  • Feature #5449: Add AmBank Bulk Payment file format
  • Show tax calculation on Edge web browser
  • Allow user to select WhatsApp contact, WhatsApp group, application contact on WhatsApp window

SQL Payroll 1.2020.186.160

Released on 12 Sep 2020
Release Notes
  • Upgrade Database to Version 105. Tunning SY_PROFILE & PT_AD table
  • Add Total Unpaid Leave Day beside Description for Payslip
  • Add leave application data import on Check Time window
  • #5433: Copy and paste employee record prompt error “No argument for format %s(%s) not found”
  • Feature #5432: Add leave entitlement processor script – based on 365 days proportion, round to day
  • Trim space and replace non-breaking space (nbsp) in email field with empty string
  • Feature #5430: Add Maybank Universal Payment Zakat file format
  • Feature #5436: Add Mizuho bank IBG, InHouse file format
  • Fix out of memory error on syncing leave application & paysheet resources
  • Feature #5435: Increase employer zakat number field length to 20
  • #5437: Bank Islam Salary Credit text file format “Credit Account Number” column is only applicable for intra-bank transfer
  • HSBC HUB MRI and ACH file format – Incorrect bank code if employee bank is HSBC Amanah
  • Feature #5440: Hong Leong bank Connect First EIS excel file format
  • #5439: Maybank2E-RC Universal Payment file format – Invalid bank code of Bank Muamalat
  • Fix Save pending transaction prompt project cannot be blank when employee code is invalid
  • #5441: Missing bank codes in AmBank Net Salary file format
  • Add data provider and data import via command line

SQL Payroll 1.2020.185.159

Released on 14 Jul 2020
Release Notes
  • Upgrade Database to Version 104
  • Add PR.Tax.CP22-2020 format
  • Enable Payslip to support User Define EMail Content Using EMail Template
  • Fix Payslip Batch Email Client body Content not properly shown
  • Feature #5420: Add Bank Islam Salary Credit text file format
  • Prevent employees have the same email before sync to server
  • #5403: RHB bank SOCSO excel file format – Fill “Employee SOCSO Number” column when employee new IC number is blank
  • #5413: LHDN CP39 text file format detail record “Employee No” column doesn’t exclude non-alphanumeric characters
  • #5412: Add HSBC bank EIS text file format
  • #5408: UOB Interbank Giro and Inter Account Fund Transfer file format – Invalid purpose code of batch detail record if beneficiary is non-resident

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