About Estream

Where are we heading

We are always listening, observing, learning and adapting ourselves to put eStream one of the world class business software developer. It is not a simple task nor achievable in short term. And it needs various compositions from a good product, corporative team members with right attitudes and common goals, to a "troops" of well trained and responsible Channel Partners.

The Company

The synergistic effect can be seen in eStream. It is not the result from individual but a teamwork efforts. All team members are feeding in their skills, experiences and industrial exposures in various role. These inputs are then "process" with the guidance of *qualified team leaders to generate a good piece of Business Software.

The Crew

Requirement Analysis, Sales & Marketing Staff

Chief: H.Y. Law, qualified accountant (ACCA and MIA member)
Managing: Y.C. Neo
Senior: Christopher Liew Heng Hoong

System Consultant Team

Senior System Consultant & Programmer: Faung Teck Wai
Senior System Consultant: Heero Loo Chin Soon
Senior System Consultant: Yee Siew Yen
Senior System Consultant: Lisa Low Lee Sar
System Consultant: Meldy Ong Bee Wei
System Consultant: PT Toh
System Consultant: Civy Ng Shy Wei
System Consultant: Alexis Teo

R&D Team

Head System Engineer: C.Y. Chau, Master in IT awarded by AUS (Australia)
Senior System Engineer: S.C. Chew
Senior System Engineer: Lee Meng Yew
System Engineer: K.S. Yeoh

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