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SQL Business Budget 2021

The Budget 2021 is expected to be unveiled on 6 November 2020 with focus on 4 themes:

1. Caring for the People
2. Steering the Economy
3. Sustainable Living
4. Enhancing Public Service Delivery

It is expected to set the SME and rakyat on the right track to post-pandemic economic recovery. 

2020 is a love and hate year as businesses faced the biggest challenge in their lives, writing off few years’ profit in a single month. Conversely, it is the first time
businesses successfully claimed a subsidy or grant from government.

Budget 2021 is expected to complement by the recovery packages rolled out, which includes Wage Subsidy Programme and Penjana packages. Question is : is there more to grab?
It is also expected to see heavy emphasis on deployment of technological and digital adoption by SMEs, and nurture digital innovation by young entrepreneurs. Back by tax rebates and digitalisation grants from MDEC, it seems like it will be an interesting year to come.

Let us discover more and how you can position yourself to take advantage of these initiatives.
Not only that, the webinar is also a yearly refresher course to update you on all the changes in taxes.

Join us at this yearly SQL Business Budget Seminar sponsored by SQL Accounting Software. As a software house, we care about your Business Affairs. 

See You there !

Our Event Gallery
Tax Seminar with China Press & SQL Account
February 16, 2015
Tax Accounting Software Compliance workshop in Melaka
February 13, 2015
eStream SQL & 40 software vendors meeting in Ministry of Finance
January 13, 2015
Employer’s Tax Reporting in Johor
November 21, 2014
Employer’s Tax Reporting in Penang
November 20, 2014
Employer’s Tax Reporting in Kuantan
November 19, 2014
Tax Seminar with China Press & SQL Account in Penang
October 29, 2014
Tax Seminar with China Press & SQL Account in Kluang
October 21, 2014
Tax Seminar with China Press & SQL Account in Ipoh
August 28, 2014
Tax Seminar by Zen Chow with SQL Account
April 23, 2011
Tax seminar in JB with WanConnect
April 16, 2011
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SQL Account & SQL Payroll Free Training
Sage UBS, MYOB or any non-SQL users are welcome to get training before purchase.
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SQL Account Advanced Features Sharing
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Bosses, Managers, reduce manual tasks, improve your company business flow with SQL, more than 5000 SQL users join the discussion and increase the company efficiency by more than 30%. Register now for this small group free session discussion with SQL expert, this is exclusively for existing SQL users only.

Past Events

Facebook Live with Dr. Choong Kwai Fatt

-Withholding Tax & Import Services (Part 1 & 2)-

Go to our Facebook Live Page and click “Get Reminder” to get reminder notifications. This Facebook Live is sponsored by Estream Software (SQL Account).
Facebook Live with Dr. Choong Kwai Fatt 28/09 (Thur) @ 5pm

Facebook Live with DR. CHOONG KWAI FATT 28/09 (Thur) @5pm. We will discuss withholding tax & import services with Malaysia's foremost tax expert. Click "Get Reminder" to get notification before event starts. He will be here to answer your questions live in English or 中文. This online event is sponsored by SQL Account - Estream MSC.

Posted by SQL Account - EStream HQ on Thursday, 28 September 2017
Part I (Recorded Session)

Dr. Choong Kwai Fatt (钟贵发博士)将在10月11号(星期三)下午5点再次来到SQL Account进行面子书直播. 我们将在线上讨论预扣所得税(withholding tax) 以及进口服务消费税.点击PART 2“接收通知”以便直播开始前可以收到通知. 钟贵发博士会在直播里以英语和华文来解答大家的问题. 这场直播是由 SQL Account - Estream MSC 荣誉赞助. Dr. Choong Kwai Fatt will Facebook Live again on imported services and withholding tax PART 2 next Wed 11/10/17 @ 5pm. Click "Get Reminder" to get reminder notifications. Share with your friends and groups. This Facebook Live is sponsored by SQL Account - Estream MSC

Posted by SQL Account - EStream HQ on Wednesday, 11 October 2017
Part II (Recorded Session)

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