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SQL Account is suitable for both small businesses and large organization in both on-premise and online accounting software. choose what’s best for the workflow of your accountant and bookkeepers.

SQL Account - your Ideal Accounting Software

Check out why more than 250,000 companies trusted SQL Account.

SQL Account enhances workplace performance, reduces human error, and maximizes profits through our stable, dependable, and developed software functionalities.

Our system’s wide range of functions includes data collection and analysis, accurate reporting formats, inventory maintenance, and SST processing.

When you choose SQL Accounting software, you will also receive an abundance of online resources to support your journey in using this system. Regardless if it’s an on-premise or cloud accounting software, SQL Account is the best. If that’s not enough, we conduct unlimited hands-on free accounting software training in our HQ.

SQL Account Features

General Ledger

It’s easy to manage and track your company’s accounting records


Keep your customers in touch


Manage and keep your supply chain in check


More time. For Sales.


Be cost effective.


Helps take control of your inventory effortlessly

sql accounting software whatsapp integration

Whatsapp Integration with All Document

Step it up by using Whatsapp to send your business documents!  SQL Account is the first accounting software integrated with Whatsapp feature, now you can send Quotation, Invoice, Statement of account and many more documents to your clients via Whatsapp with a few simple clicks.

Exclusive partnership with CTOS Malaysia

SQL Accounting is the only accounting software that is linked to CTOS Malaysia services. More than 250,000 SQL users are able to directly access CTOS’s full credit reports. With CTOS full credit reports, SQL users have access to see the few year’s financial performances, blacklist history, and trade history through SQL Accounting software.
This crucial information will help businesses to make the best well-informed decision before agreeing to any business arrangements. Protect your business with CTOS.
sql accounting software ctos integration
sql accounting software - bank reconciliation

Automate bank reconciliation & bank feeds

Perform automated bank reconciliation with SQL Account. There is NO need to reconcile each transaction manually.  SQL Account’s auto bank recon feature is available for more than 20 Malaysian banks. Through AI matching, SQL’s system will match every transaction in your system with the transactions with your bank. You can also immediately create OR/PV for any unmatched transactions with the bank easily. Save time and speed up productivity with SQL Account.

Flexible Unlimited User Defined Fields

SQL Account is the best accounting software can cater from small business to large organisation. SQL Account has user defined fields that can be easily altered and customized.  With user defined fields, you can create the perfect document that suit your business size and workflow.

Click “Learn More” to see SQL special industries.
sql accounting software customizable field
sql accounting software sales report

Salesman Commission Reports

SQL Account supports a variety of commission calculation. We calculate partial-payment commission, profit-margin based commission, and we also support multiple commission rates based on stock groups and agents.

Advance security

SQL Accounting provides the best options when it comes to data privacy. You can have double layer access control on what they can do on SQL Accounting. For example, users whom you granted them access right in cash book entry for recording expenses transactions, but you also wish to “hide of” transactions with sensitive keyword , like ‘Director fees’ or ‘bonus’ etc from them.

By assigning advance security transactions exclusions to your users, you can ensure data confidentiality which only uniquely found in SQL accounting .

sql accounting software security
sql accounting software training

Unlimited monthly free training and Responsive support team

No worries if you are unfamiliar with our system! We provide free accounting software training every month. Contact us to find out more! Our technical support team is fully trained and equipped to assist you via phone, email, and remote access.

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SQL Account Releases

SQL Account 5.2022.947.825

Released on November 11, 2022
Release Notes
  • Add Asset Label 80mm X 45mm format
  • Reduce Lazada fetch order limit from 100 to 50
  • #6363: AR/AP Analysis by Document report's Payment column should be no value if the payment and bounce date are fall in the same date range.
  • Lazada combine "Other Services-Marketing Fees" and "Wrong Weight Adjustment" record into single order's payment
  • Fix Stock Take IsValid batch number check doesn't check for batch number with no item code bind to it
  • Lazada change payment form voucher column value type to FMTBcd
  • Fix Shopee transfer sales invoice to credit note raised transferred quantity is greater than balance quantity
  • Fix transfer sales invoice using wrong IVDTLKey value when transferring item from sales invoice
  • Allow non stock item in Shopee sales order to be transferred to sales invoice
  • Fix AddToCart export stock JSON file prompt exception when description is empty.
  • Fixed Tax & TaxRate Grouping Summary not correctly group if have mixture empty & null data
  • #6351: AP/AR Fast Entry prompt invalid class typecast error
  • #6356: Incorrect decimal place on stock card grid
  • #6353: SL/PH document entries transfer from other document the SubTotal will be incorrect if user modify SubTotal in the source document
  • GL Account Entry should check if the deleted bank/cash account's parent is not root account before add the parent account to payment method
  • #6347: Stock Item Assembly Detail UOM lookup's Cost column should hide if user no right to View Cost
  • #6349: Audit Trail Summary open form slow when data is large
  • #6340: Customer Payment unable to back to Browse if using Tab docking & Form Mode with Split Browse & Detail Option

SQL Account 5.2022.946.824

Released on October 28, 2022
Release Notes
  • Add Asset Opening vs GL Maintain Opening Balance format
  • Add Remark1,Remark2, Description2 and StockGroup Fields for MergeItemCode pipeline for Sales & Purchase Data Entry format
  • Fixed GL Ledger - Detail Reports 2nd Description not correct shown
  • #6343: Asset analysis report depreciation summary doesn't filter by trans date
  • Fix Shopee return refund variance and reverse shipping fee calculation for partial refund credit note
  • Accept Shopee return details with status ACCEPTED instead of just REFUND_PAID status is allowed
  • Add stock item's remark 1 and 2 fields to Stock Take import JSON file
  • Remove Lazada transaction records that does not contain paid status
  • #6339: Unable to save after paste an asset item already disposed
  • #6337: Process Date does not follow Date To on Process Depreciation window
  • #6342: Accum depreciation account wrongly posted in JV if process depreciation group by project only
  • #6285: GL Cash Book, AR/AP Payment, Refund & Deposit Listing include bounced document and show as red color in report grid
  • Feature #6338: Add AcquireDate field to Yearly Depreciation, Asset Analysis reports
  • #6288: Journal Entry - Show label out of balance if not tally
  • #6329: GL Profit & Loss Statement allow to print opening balance 1 day before System Conversion Date
  • #5480: Stock Assembly's Show in Tree Mode dialog OK & Cancel buttons misaligned when resize the form
  • #6332: Supplier payment unchecked knockoff invoice prompt "Dynamic SQL error"
  • #6330: AR/AP Deposit Refund & Forfeit's Agent & Area should follow Maintain Customer/Supplier by default

SQL Account 5.2022.945.823

Released on October 19, 2022
Release Notes
  • #6328: Document Entries prompt invalid value for field "Seq" error when insert more than 32 detail records
  • Fixed Stock Assembly-JO vs AS Variance format the variance % value to returns as 100% if JO qty is zero
  • Add Security Deposit Amt for Supp Statement 06 & 12 Mths 1 format
  • #6296: SL/PH Doc Entries search From Doc No in detail grid's filter row raise error
  • #6274: Stock Item Assembly disable the transfer from Job Order in browse mode
  • #6323: Stock Analysis By Document report's grouping tick Stock Group prompt error "Field Item Code Not Found"
  • Lazada payment should exclude balance transactions amount into transaction details
  • #6308: User can cancel customer credit note knockoff invoice contains SV although knockoff tax date already processed
  • #6320: Incorrect value for SQty in print outstanding production job order listing report
  • Fix TikTok does not include shipping fee in credit note for full refund order.
  • Fix Lazada does not open credit note for marketing fee payment
  • Fix TikTok combine payment information doesn't sum up fields value
  • Support Shopee payment file in Thai language
  • Fix TikTok shipping fee not included in adjusted credit note
  • Fix TikTok credit note does not include discounted shipping fee by platform
  • Add applied Shopee coin amount per order item for partial refund calculation
  • Fix Shopee not applying shipping fee to order and fix refund variance calculation for partial refund order
  • Fix fetch product show incorrect item code when similar SKU is used across multiple item code
  • Remove buyer ship from Shopee shipping calculation and fix Shopee partial refund posted incorrect invoice and credit note.
  • Prevent Shopee payment form from editing invoice and credit note
  • Fix Shopee refund order with negative escrow amount failed to post invoice and credit note
  • Fix TikTok sent empty array to API server
  • Fix TikTok doesn't fetch all products
  • Database upgrade to version 189
  • Fixed Check Different Between Ledger vs Aging should exclude cancelled document
  • Fixed Shown unknown value when company Logo empy for GL Official Receipt - Detail - Full report
  • Update GL Multi - Ledger - Detail - Level 1 show Currency Data if have mix currency
  • Add Fixed Asset module
  • Add report templates
  • Add license module - Fixed Asset
  • Add Asset Disposal data entry
  • Add Open Depreciation window
  • Add Depreciation Listing report
  • Add Process Depreciation window
  • Add Depreciation Processor
  • Add Asset Analysis report
  • Add Yearly Depreciation report
  • Add Asset Item data entry
  • Add Asset Group data entry
  • Add Asset module tables
  • Fix Multiple audit trail records posted after create a new stock batch record with detail batch item
  • Feature #5927: Maintain Item's BOM grid add move up & down buttons
  • Feature #6266: GL Cash Book, AR/AP Payment, Refund, Deposit, SL/PH Order, Cash Sales and Cash Purchase add BankChargeAccount fields
  • Add BankChargeAccount field to report form
  • Add change BankChargeAccount dialog to ui form
  • Add BankChargeAccount field to data module
  • GL_CB, AR/AP Payment, Refund, Deposit, SL/PH Order, Cash Sales and Cash Purchase add BankChargeAccount fields
  • #6315: All report grids enable Filter Row except Stock Card
  • #5951: Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window if split browse & detail window have ticked in form mode
  • #6006: SL/PH Doc Entries should clear Discount last memorized value when user edit any existing doc entry
  • #6318: Auto Bank Recon CIMB Bank empty result
  • #5142: Add Landing Cost with Currency Symbol
  • #6319: Exclude Deposit Account in Cash Sales Payment method
  • Feature #6292: Document Entry grids add Insert Row Above & Insert Row After options in context menu
  • Maintain Item - Adjust buttons position
  • #6314: Sales PnL S/N by Document report & Sales Profit Estimator S/N Cost are incorrect if a serial number has more In/Out transactions (e.g stock transfer or CN)
  • #6307: Apply P&L Statement with ledger information raise Error : conversion error from string "C1"
  • Feature #6206: Barcode (F8) Form add search item by serial number for stock qty out documents
  • Fix AR/AP Deposit Refund form label font height to default settings

SQL Account 5.2022.942.822

Released on September 22, 2022
Release Notes
  • Fix Lazada combined different date marketing fees.
  • Verify transaction by matching released amount to avoid mixing transaction from different account
  • Fix Lazada failed delivery order not canceled after shipped back to seller.
  • Fix Shopee failed to knockoff order's credit note without invoice.
  • Fix Shopee not posting credit note when escrow amount is negative and order is not canceled or returned.
  • Fix Shopee showing incorrect discount value.
  • Fix Lazada not showing expired token message.
  • Fix Shopee fetch cancelled order by buyer show logistic.error_param exception
  • Add Customer Listing - Credit Control format
  • Fixed GL OR & PV Amount not Including TaxAmt
  • Fixed OR & PV batch print for RTM format not correct shown Amount
  • Add Supp Local - Deposit Listing - Level 1 - Tally with Balance Sheet format
  • #6297: Stock Analysis By Document add RefPrice & RefCost grid columns
  • Feature #6291: ComObject add PlainTextToRichText & RichTextToPlainText function
  • #6262: GL Bank Reconciliation should use Debit(Net) column for auto bank recon if Merge Bank Charges is ticked
  • #6287: GL P&L Statement prompt access violation when filter by project with Ledger Information
  • #6284: Sales Invoice Tax "SR" ledger posting is missing when user edit document date that fall in year 2022 which is not GST era
  • [GST-SG] #6280: Open Sales Invoice raise Access violation error after start Singapore GST. Revise Company Profile Peppol APIKey & Secret editing issue
  • #6283: GL Profit & Loss Print Project comparison prompt error "List index out of ranged" if Project parent nodes have repeated same value
  • #6276: Run Repost Stock Transactions prompt arithmetic numeric overflow exception error
  • #6300: Fix Maintain Project Range Editor btnMoveUp & btnMoveDown icon and on click error

SQL Account 5.2022.940.821

Released on August 30, 2022
Release Notes
  • Database upgrade to version 188
  • Fixed SST-02 (2020) 13(3)(i) Description not fully shown
  • Fixed SST Listing 4-DST-02 (2020) preview error
  • Fixed GL PnL - Comparison format Column 1 header not consistent & add Custom_Header & Use_Year_Info functions
  • Fixed GL BS - Comparison format Column 1 header not consistent & add Custom_Header & Use_Year_Info functions
  • Add SerialNumber List for Merge Same Itemcode for Purchase Invoice, DN, CN, GRN & Cash Purchase
  • Add SerialNumber List for Merge Same Itemcode for Sales Invoice, DN, CN, DO & Cash Sales
  • Fixed GL PV Report Amount Incorrect Shown if Company is Foreign Currency
  • Fixed GL OR Report Amount Incorrect Shown if Company is Foreign Currency
  • Add Peppol SG export and import
  • User can set or change company profile country except GST or SST is started
  • Feature #3366: Increase DocNo, Ref & DocRef fields length to 40 characters
  • Data modules increase Ref/DocRef fields length from 25 to 40 characters
  • Data modules and logic increase DocNo field length from 20 to 40 characters
  • Increase D_DocRef field length from 25 to 40 characters
  • Increase D_DocNo field length from 20 to 40 characters
  • Feature #6265: Stock BOM Listing report add Detail Batch lookup
  • #6271: Maintain Location support DIY Field
  • Fix Shopee escrow amount negative unable post as cancelled invoice
  • Fix Shopee customer refund shouldn't have unapplied amount
  • Fix Shopee incorrect shipping Fee, should be bundle discount
  • Fix Lazada fetch product raise access violation
  • Shopee load payment error total amount is less than payment amount
  • Fix Shopee order did not show cancel reasons
  • Fix Auto Bank Recon Maybank empty result
  • Fix Shopee load payment error missing dataset property
  • Fix item code and leading description not shown in credit note.
  • Fix Lazada payment amount cannot less than or equal to zero.
  • Fix Woocommerce order mapping item will prompt access violation
  • Fix tiktok payment new excel file format
  • Fix Shopee payment did not amend IV and CN if release amount < 0
  • Revise Shopee order refund variance description from Shipping Fee to Return Refund Variance
  • Revise Shopee retry fetching to show appropriate error message
  • Feature: Shopee able to batch enable and disable accounts
  • eCommerce order should show "Posted" when user post posted orders again
  • Feature #6245: Journal entry prompt error message to show amount not balance
  • Feature #6097: Show Last Doc Information by Company
  • #6242: GL Bank Reconciliation - Mark All and Highlighted not update Balance Figure
  • #6257: Unable to shown Full in Category Code in Maintain Item
  • #6255: Fix Customer & Supplier Deposit some UI not fully shown
  • #6247: Maintain Opening Balance - change message Account Not Balance to Out of Balance
  • #6176 Auto Bank Recon - Add CIMB BizChannel format
  • #6150 Auto Bank Recon - AMBANK New Statement Format
  • #6268: Maintain Customer running code format if contain fixed numeric char will cause the code keep increasing digits
  • #6269: Tools | Options | Misc | Show Document Project by default ticked for new database
  • Feature #2421: BOM Planner report add JO Qty & Avail Qty columns
  • #6172: AR/AP Bill & Collection/Payment report add Option Show in Foreign Currency
  • #6264: GL Bank Recon prompt confirmation message when user click Clear All
  • #6225: AR & AP Aging Report - Move the position of the Apply button
  • Feature #6256: AR/AP Deposit master data support DIY Field
  • Stock Take json file add customer/supplier items
  • #6118: Maintain Stock Item BOM's Batch column will be truncated if length exceed 20
  • Feature #6219: Analyst Data Integrity - Unticked SQL Control Center
  • Feature #6248: GL Account Lookup enable New label
  • #6252: AR/AP Invoice Fast Entry button enabled state should follow New Button
  • #6258: Customer & Supplier Currency Code should not allow to change if any tables have transactions reference to it
  • #6263: Customer Due Listing - TaxAmt for CN should be in negative value
  • #6261: Maintain GL Account should remove new parent deposit account in Maintain Payment Method when drag child account under it
  • #5770: Unable to perform transfer from document using region format (Indonesia)
  • #6260: Stock Month End Balance report Unit Cost Display format not correct
  • Feature #6240: Customer/Supplier Balance Report - Add Sort & Filter by Control Account
  • #6250: GL PnL & Balance Sheet reports add missing options in parameter dataset
  • #6254: Maintain GL Opening Balance remove Open Deposit entry button
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