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SQL Account Releases

SQL Account 5.2022.932.817

Released on 23 Apr 2022
Release Notes
  • Fix: Shopee order cancelled IV did not post CN
  • Fix: Shopee payment file format updated not able to load
  • #6117: Fix UI alignment issue in Bank Deposit
  • Fix Auto.BankRecon.RHBBMY invalid numeric input error
  • Fix Cust Local – Due Document Listing – Level 1 (Tax) unable group by Doc Project
  • Fixed SST SST-02A-2019 preview error
  • Fixed SST-02(2019) preview Error
  • Revise WhatsApp implementation
  • [GST-SG] Revise GST F5 Report Header from “GOODS AND SERVICES TAX ACT (CAP 117A)” to “GOODS AND SERVICES TAX ACT 1993”
  • #6117: Fix UI misaligned issue
  • #6126: Open SST Deemend Supply window prompt error “Invalid stream format”
  • #6122: All Reports’ Group By check list box by default should focus first item
  • Fix: Woocommerce to include fees when posting invoice
  • Fix: Shopee order incorrect amount when order over charged
  • Fix: Shopee payment unable to detect past order
  • Fix Ecommerce report 3 display all item from different invoices
  • Fix Shopee fetch order access violation error
  • Fix Lazada payment CN over knockoff IV and CF
  • Adjust eCommerce order to default sorting by account, date and id
  • Fix: Auto.BankReconAISLMY incorrect parsing of debit and credit
  • Fix RHBBMY incorrect closing balance amount
  • Add Sales P&L By Document(for eCommerce Customer Only) & summary format
  • Add Stock Assembly-JO vs AS Variance format
  • Fix Gain Loss Date > Aging, ledger vs aging will not tally for report Check Different Between Ledger vs Aging
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Sales Local – Cash Sales Listing – Z Report format
  • Remove Sales Local – Delivery Order Listing (GST 1) format
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Purchase Local – Purchase Invoice Listing (Tax 1) format
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Purchase Local – Purchase Return Listing (Tax 1) format
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Purchase Local – Debit Note Listing (Tax 1) format
  • #5454: Audit Trail Event Type AAA change to Security

SQL Account 5.2022.931.816

Released on 29 Mar 2022
Release Notes
  • Database upgrade to version 186 – Add ObjectID column to SY_VIEW table
  • #6112: Stock Transfer prompt error “Ancestor for ‘Panel1’ not found” upon open form
  • Fix Process pending service tax prompt error “Division by zero”
  • #6113: Sales Profit Estimator “Use Last IN Cost When Qty <= 0" show incorrect unit cost when there is negative stock balance before Last IN qty transaction
  • #6068: Add Audit Trail for Override for “Save on Negative Quantity”. Audit Trail Report add “AAA” event type
  • #6103: GL Cash Book, AR/AP Payment & Refund Entry Forms Bank Balance label caption should retrieve from Payment Method Journal. Cash Flow Inquiry Bank column caption rename to Bank/Cash
  • #6106: AR/AP Refund Gain Loss show full Local Amount when edit with full KO
  • #6098: Unable transfer to CN/SC once the IV/PI has been transfered to Extra DO/EG. Add “Transfer to CN/EG” in Extra DO/EG
  • #6096: Tools | Options | Misc – Display Format grid should display fully
  • #6101: Tools | Options | Customer, standalone unable to untick the Options “Perform Tax/Local Amount Rounding”
  • #6092: Cash Sales before prompt payment change dialog should prompt message if customer code is empty
  • #6087: Sales Invoice’s Item Template unable to show all item if access right Override Sales Min/Max Price with 0 ref price
  • #5446: SL/PH Document Entries when click “Edit as New”, detail record sequence will sort incorrectly if the records been moved seq before

SQL Account 5.2022.929.815

Released on 28 Feb 2022
Release Notes
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Sales Points format
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Purchase Local – Cash Purchase Listing (Tax 1) format
  • Fix #6081 Preview SST-02 (2020) format error
  • Fixed Sales Invoice 11 item Discount not shown
  • Fix Shopee order access violation if orders has no return
  • Fix eCommerce order post to QT status customer code not matched
  • Fix eCommerce post to QT ecommerce item description should be in description 2
  • Fix eCommerce print report error field item code not found
  • Fix Lazada payment detail replaced wrongly
  • #6091: Available Stock Balance form’s grid export to excel prompt Invalid file name error since the file name contain colon symbol
  • #5447: Open Any SL/PH Entry Forms will prompt Access Violation if enable Auto Logon and untick Command Navigator
  • #6088: DIY Advance Form Design’s Component Palette not display fully
  • #6089: Application shouldn’t open form when user click cancel in Form Mode selection dialog
  • #6086: Customer/Supplier Deposit Prompt Error when the deposit is transfer to Payment & with Refund
  • #6076: Unable to scroll Stock Value grid of Maintain Stock Value in browse mode
  • #6083: Sales & Purchase Price History Group/Sort by not fully showed as no scrollbar
  • #6082: GL Journal Entry prompt “Combination of account type “CL” and special account type “CH” is not supported error when choosing Cash account under Current Liabilities

SQL Account 5.2022.927.814

Released on 07 Feb 2022
Release Notes
  • #6055: [Automation]: Add Reconnect mechanism
  • #6054: Maintain Stock Item DIY Script – OnBeforeSave prompt error “Delta is empty”
  • #6056: Customer/Supplier Listing Group/Sort By UI control not display fully
  • Fix Flicker in report previewer shown in MDI form
  • Screen flicker when closing Available Stock Balance
  • Fix Prompt Install WebView2 due to windows update

SQL Account 5.2022.925.812

Released on 08 Jan 2022
Release Notes
  • Fixed Cust Statement 12 Mths 1 report Batch email error
  • Fixed Lazada payment not able to fetch order with modified order no
  • Fix eCommerce product mapping should return success when item code same as sku
  • #6033: GL Cash Book, AR/AP Payment & Refund show payment method balance should check on Account Inquiry – Inquire G/L Account access right
  • Change Job Order next number to 3 for sample database
  • Add Stock Month End Balance – Location in Column & Stock hysical Worksheet – Location in Column Reports
  • Fixed GL Local – Ledger – Level 1-SSTDeferred report – Error when have CN transactions
  • Feature: eCommerce able to replace as cancelled invoice
  • Fix Lazada account column should shows shop name instead of account email address
  • Adjust: eCommerce edit IV and CN to keep serial number in document note
  • Adjust: eCommerce will not delete detail if has batch no or serial number
  • Adjust: Lazada payment will update IV to untick cancelled
  • Fix Lazada payment has only payment fee and caused divide by zero error
  • Fix eCommerce order will replace remark 2 for non stock item
  • Fix eCommerce order append FOC in description for product with 0 item price
  • Fix Shopee payment should edit IV when release amount is 0
  • Fix Shopee order return refund only process order with status REFUND_PAID
  • Feature #6026: Stock Analysis by Document enable save grid layout
  • Feature #6024: Add support of item barcode lookup to Print Barcode (Windows Printer)
  • #6023: Credit note unable to auto knock-off if transfer from invoice and insert negative value record
  • #6018: Purchase Invoice edit and save prompt “Unable to rollback inactive transaction” error when using Region setting “Malay(Malaysia)”
  • #6020: AR/AP Fast Entry disable grid column sorting
  • Fix Auto bank recon Maybank not able to detect statement format and header
  • [GST-SG] Purchase Returned with TXRC tax code should post as negative value in GST Return
  • #5618: Stock Physical Worksheet should generate based on Location Lookup values
  • #5734: Stock Item Opening Balance Location Drop Down missing Qty
  • Feature #5933: User Access Right Assignment Request Add Option for Mark All and Clear All
  • #5926: Stock Item BOM raise error when Qty change to blank
  • #6013: All Documents Entries’ Note UI control unable to load image from rich text editor
  • #6012: Sales Invoice – Document_Company.”Outstanding” not set displayformat
  • #5620: Local Item Sales amount is incorrect, it is not in negative value
  • Feature #6016: Tools | Options | Barcode | Stock Take add Lock Qty Editing & Lock Re-Scanning S/N options

SQL Account 5.2021.922.811

Released on 13 Dec 2021
Release Notes
  • Fixed Stock Card – Location + SerialNo StockGroup total not correctly sum
  • Fixed Sales Invoice 8 (SST 2)-Aging should take DocDate
  • Add GL PnL – 13C13P-SinglePage format
  • Remove hardcode display format for Supplier IV, Supplier DN & Supplier CN format
  • Remove hardcode display format for Customer IV, Customer DN & Customer CN format
  • Change PnL-Comparison – Monthly (12 Months) report template to default print to GL PnL – 13C1P-SinglePage format
  • Reduce the GL PnL – 13C1P-SinglePage right margin
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Customer due Listing report
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Customer Aging 12 Months & GainLoss report
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Stock Transfer
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for SST Listing
  • #6010: Customer Pricing Inquiry raise error : List index out of bounds (0)
  • #6015: Maintain Customer new Customer code incorrect add additional 1 in middle
  • Feature #4218: GL Cash Book, AR/AP Payment & Refund Entry Forms Show Bank Balance
  • #5796: Perform editing and save an deleted DO record deduct stock quantity.
  • #6011: Customer Pricing Inquiry unable to retrieve correct price if set by company
  • Fix GL Balance Sheet & P&L consolidate error if using firebird server with port no
  • Fix View item flow is not DPI-aware
  • #6009: General tax purchase invoice not allow save on closed SST return period
  • Move NextCloud Stock Take UI to Tools | Options | Barcode
  • Reduce Column on export to Excel for Supplier reports
  • #6004 – New Customer raise error: Unable to commit inactive transaction
  • Fix Shopee payment did not replace shipping fee
  • Fix: Lazada payment does not have post date on customer refund
  • Fix: eCommerce payment sub item is not deleted
  • Fix: Lazada payment didn’t post to customer IV / CN for past marketing fee
  • Fix bug: eCommerce posting IV should set discount field to empty
  • Fix bug: Lazada order not appending shop id to order id for 3rd duplicated order
  • Fix eCommerce order footer alignment
  • Fix eCommerce order item name and variation does not shows in QT
  • Fix eCommerce item been replaced if same item code
  • Fix Woocommerce order not able to fetch
  • Extract name, ref1, ref2 from PDF for auto bank recon
  • Add Stock BOM Wastage with Amount report
  • Fix GL/AR/AP/SL/PH Entries Form labels that show Currency Symbol missing
  • #5994: Apply job order listing report takes long time to show result when there are more than 150000 batch records
  • Blob Edit prompt “Invalid Typecast” error for non-DB aware grid
  • #6005: GL Balance Sheet & P&L Report Condolidate Grid show empty record
  • Fixed Sales Outstanding Sales Order Listing – Level 1 (DocFlow) not including Cash Sales

SQL Account 5.2021.919.810

Released on 19 Nov 2021
Release Notes
  • #5998: Ambank – Bank Recon – DR & CR Column in correct
  • #5980: Ambank Islamic Bank Recon capture wrong year
  • #5919 Incosistent auto match results in bank reconciliation
  • Fixed Access violation when create supplier payment at auto bank recon
  • #5986: Outstanding Sales/Purchase – Add all the Source Header in grid
  • #6002: Maintain Stock Item browse grid Barcode code able to perform incremental search, sort, grouping and export to excel (filtering column is not supported)
  • Feature #5218: Enable multi-select to all report forms
  • #5670: Customer/Supplier Payment unable to Save if there is Refund Knock Off
  • #6003: Tools | Options | Barcode format should prompt error when user enter “%” as delimiter
  • #5999: Supplier Aging report Gain Loss not filter out by date
  • Add Option To Change Code & Description font type for GL Trial Balance report
  • Add Option To Change Code & Description font type for GL Balance Sheet Report
  • Add Option To Change Code & Description font type for GL PnL Report
  • Fixed SST Listing 3 preview error when using Deemed Supply & Data with []
  • #5984: Stock Matrix grid columns become too small when captions are short
  • Fixed Sales Invoice 8 (SST 2)-Listing-EMail mapping error
  • #5988: Account Inquiry grid filter row default condition should be Contains instead of equal
  • Feature #5983: Stock Item COM object set unicode to More Description become ???
  • #5981: View | Purchase Price History add Landing Cost fields
  • #5992: GL Bank Recon Listing date range set to 6 months
  • #5996: Sales tax which had process SST can still change doc date
  • Add Total for each company for Cust 12 Months Aging LS – Outstanding Service Tax report
  • Convert Sales Customer Price History to FR3

SQL Account 5.2021.919.809

Released on 06 Nov 2021
Release Notes
  • Adjust eCommerce to not delete item with price 0 for FOC item
  • Fix bug: Lazada payment incorrect sub item and UOM
  • Fix bug: Shopee payment statement removed column BuyerPaymentMethod
  • Adjust: eCommerce order to check BOM for not variation product
  • Fix Shopee order should not post return amount 0 to CN
  • Fix eCommerce print report duplicated dataset profile
  • Fix Shopee order post voucher should be positve in CN
  • Add Sales Outstanding Sales Order Listing – Level 1 (DocFlow) format
  • Add GL Local – Ledger – Level 1-SSTDeferred report
  • Add Sales Invoice 8 (SST 2)-Listing-EMail for batch EMail group by Company
  • Bug #5985: Missing sales account 500-000 after create new database

SQL Account 5.2021.918.808

Released on 26 Oct 2021
Release Notes
  • Increase DocNo field to able show up to 15 characters
  • Fixed Check Different Between Ledger vs Aging if Gain loss date > Dateto will not show in the report.
  • Add RHB Reflex cloud banking
  • Database upgrade to version 185
  • Add RHB Auto Bank Recon supports RHB Reflex Premium Plus API
  • Add RHB Reflex Premium Plus Balance Inquiry
  • Add RHB Reflex Premium Plus Payment integration
  • Add Integration to RHB Reflex Premium Plus
  • Add columns to AP_SF, AP_SP, AR_CF, AR_PM, PMMETHOD table
  • Add JomPAY biller codes lookup
  • Adjust: Lazada payment logic
  • Adjust: AddToCart to use default doc running no in sql account
  • Adjust: Shopee payment to import new statement format
  • Fix Lazada order remove voucher and shipping fee from calculation
  • Adjust: eCommerce Order able to post to sales order
  • Fix Shopee payment did not post rebate from shopee
  • Adjust: Shopee order to include voucher when posting
  • Fix Shopee Order transfer qty cannot more than balance qty
  • Feature #5923: GL Profit & Loss Statement Report add “With Ledger Info” option
  • Add GL PnL 2C – 2C1P-LedgerInfo report
  • Feature #5923: GL Profit & Loss Statement Report add “With Ledger Info” option
  • Replace sample database with lighting and furniture company sample database
  • Fixed GST Detail 3 – GST F5-(SG) IM not included
  • #4110: AR/AP Aging Report remove detail Company Name grid column
  • Fixed GST.Gift.Listing error when description had [ ] character
  • #5974: GL Profit & Loss Report tick Print Project Comparison option, the Project list is missing
  • #5964: Sales DO Transfer to Invoice, Sales Order deposit show empty record when click Deposit Amount button
  • #5977: Maintain Withholding Tax – Unable to unset as Default after Set
  • Auto Bank Recon add columns: Name, Ref1, Ref2
  • #5973: AR/AP Next Company Code format if contain hard code control account will form incorrectly
  • Fixed SST Listing 3 Description should always take 1st detail description instead random

SQL Account 5.2021.916.807

Released on 25 Sep 2021
Release Notes
  • #5950: Copy to excel prompt error “Could not convert variant of type unicodestring into type currency”
  • #5955: Hong Leong bank Connect First file format detail record “Recipient Reference” and “Other Payment Details” values can only contains alphanumeric characters
  • Fixed Sales Invoice & Cash Sales Format 8 Title Not correct
  • Fixed Ecommerce Invoice 3 Not correctly sum
  • Fixed Aging value does not tally with customer aging report
  • Add Stock QRCode format
  • #5945: Change customer DN filter date column to date format
  • Fixed Sales Cash Sales 6 – Receipt-TM-U220 (SST) Layout alignment problem
  • Convert Sales Cash Sales 6 – Receipt-TM-U220 to fr3
  • Fixed GL Local – Ledger – Detail – Level 2 final balance by account not correct.
  • #5944: Sales Entry – Stock Matrix unable to display full word in header
  • #5943: Stock Card for Purchase Returned document unit cost should include TaxAmt for General Tax only
  • Fixed Sales Invoice 3 (SubTotal) Seq show 0 when only 1 item code
  • #5953: Missing supplier user defined fields in purchase module datamap
  • #5954: Cannot auto create OR/PV document in bank recon
  • Feature #5936: Dashboard – Profit & Loss request to add in Project
  • #5949: Stock Take Export CSV not fully export out
  • Fixed Stock Card total rounding error
  • #5958: Stock Balance Inquiry drill down raise Access violation
  • #5934: Stock Month End results will duplicate if stock category code do not check case sensitive
  • #5939: Job Order transfer to Stock Assembly, items’ Unit Cost should follow Job Order
  • #5930: Job Order – Outstanding not deduct when transfer from SO to existing JO
  • Add Cust Local – Deposit Listing – Level 1 – Tally with Balance Sheet format
  • #5940: SL/PH transfer documents modify destination Qty greater than source doc didn’t prompt error message
  • Feature #5947: Document Transfer dialog by default filter recent 18 months instead of 7 months
  • #5956: Invoice transfer to CN should exclude account code
  • Feature #5938: Add Access Right: Show cost in Item Assembly
  • #5942: Add Auto Bank Recon – Ambank Islamic format
  • Fix: Lazada order status changes
  • Fix: Lazada payment new fee type and discount could not be posted
  • Adjust: Lazada payment able to handle orders split into multiple payment
  • Fix: Shopee payment return refund amount calculation
  • Fix: Shopee order should not include return refund amount when posting canceled orders
  • Feature: Woocommerce order able to post as cancelled invoice, post to quotation
  • Adjust: eCommerce product fetching optimization

SQL Account 5.2021.914.806

Released on 23 Aug 2021
Release Notes
  • Database upgrade to version 184
  • Feature #5820: ST_ITEM_ALT table upgrade AltCode from 30 to 35 characters (for E-Commerce Purpose)
  • Add Email column to SY_USER table
  • Add support of CTOS full report
  • Add Daily Job Order Qty Listing (Group Sorted by Date) format
  • #5876: PD document load remark1, remark2, description2 and description3 from item master if item BOM detail is empty
  • Add Sales Invoice 8 (SST 2)-Aging format

SQL Account 5.2021.913.805

Released on 13 Aug 2021
Release Notes
  • Add Shopee 3 format
  • Fix bug: Lazada order couldn’t post when has voucher and all products are returned
  • Fix bug: Lazada order is posted when has either invoice or credit note
  • Fix bug: Lazada payment will not post order with 0 released amount
  • Fix bug: Lazada payment unable to delete IV due to already knockoff by CN
  • Fix bug: Shopee order print amount for coin and vouchers have no decimal
  • Adjust: Shopee payment show message to sync all invoice before posting
  • Fixed Stock Assembly Cost/Unit not same as on Screen
  • #5925: DIY OnOpen Script failed when GL Ledger report form unable to trigger Apply button click and SL Invoice Detail unable to find UDF grid column

SQL Account 5.2021.912.804

Released on 09 Aug 2021
Release Notes
  • Adjust: Lazada order post to IV detail, update original qty at S/U Qty
  • Adjust: Lazada payment posting
  • Adjust: Lazada Order to append seller id when have duplicate order id
  • Adjust: Shopee order posting quotation and credit note to update unit price of stock item from invoice
  • Adjust: Shopee order to display “Credit Note” on column Invoice if posted to credit note
  • Adjust: Shopee payment allow post only when all orders are posted
  • Fix bug: eCommerce chinese characters not properly display
  • Fix bug: Lazada payment past order date
  • Adjust: eCommerce post IV, Cancel is needed to show correct error message
  • Adjust: Lazada product fetching limit to 5
  • Adjust Lazada Account: store seller id
  • Adjust eCommerce order must match customer code when verifying
  • Fix bug: Lazada payment does not show error message after posting
  • Adjust: Lazada order able to post as cancelled order
  • Adjust Lazada payment only allow to post payment when all orders posted to IV/CN
  • Adjust: eCommerce order posting to tick tax inclusive if has tax set
  • Adjust: eCommerce order post order time in 24 hour to DocRef1, tracking no to DocRef2
  • Fix bug: Lazada order only cancel partial item qty
  • Adjust: eCommerce order posting to include shipping carrier name
  • Fix bug: eCommerce credit note is not past order
  • Fix bug: Shopee order same item should combine to 1
  • #5921: AR/AP Deposit Refund – Add Company Name and Gain/Loss summary
  • #5920: AR/AP Deposit Refund – the exchange rate should allow to edit if same foreign currency in both customer and payment method
  • Fixed Preview error & Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for GST Bad Debt Relief – Purchase-Adj-InputTax & OutputTax format
  • Fixed Preview error & Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for GST Bad Debt Relief – Sales-Part C17 & C18 format
  • Bug #5916: SL/PH Documents detail when change itemcode to another, the tax code will be incorrect even both itemcode set to same Tariff
  • Bug #5918: Fix incorrect label name in supplier deposit
  • Bug #5915: Maintain GL Account should block to add sub account if parent account has transactions in GL Budget
  • Bug #5898: Maintain Stock Item delete invalid Stock Category records upon save
  • Bug #5902: Year End GL Opening Balance’s Retained Earning didn’t include GL Stock Value amount if the Project only has GL Stock Value but doesn’t have transaction in ledger
  • Bug #5917: Unable to edit invoice detail record description when the detail record has SV tax code after process SST as draft
  • Bug #5914: AR/AP Deposit Refund Loss/Gain calculation incorrect for last deposit refund with multiple refund
  • Bug #5913: AR/AP Deposit Refund Loss/Gain calculation incorrect for last deposit refund with a payment knock off (foreign currency)
  • Fixed Cust Local – Due Document Listing – Outstanding Service Tax Grand Total TaxDue amount not correct when more then 1 page
  • Bug #5887: AR/AP Invoice Fast Entry if insert multiple invoices only the first invoice has audit trail posting, others invoices no audit trails
  • Add Check Different Between Ledger vs Aging report
  • Bug #5904: SST-02 Report tax code SVA from Sales Credit Note change back from item 13c to 13a (revert commit cac511a1)
  • Fixed Sales Invoice 11 shown double detail information
  • Reduce Column usage on FR3 Export to excel for Purchase Order format
  • Reduce Column usage on FR3 Export to excel for Purchase Cancel Note format
  • Reduce Column usage on FR3 Export to excel for Cash Purchase format
  • Reduce Column usage on FR3 Export to excel for Purchase DN format
  • Reduce Column usage on FR3 Export to excel for Purchase Request format
  • Reduce Column usage on FR3 Export to excel for Purchase Return format
  • Reduce Column usage on FR3 Export to excel for Sales Cancel Note format
  • Bug #5906: Job Order & Stock Assembly if tick Cancelled should remove “transfer from” relation
  • Bug #5891: Customer Balance Report apply with 1 year data show not responding
  • Enable Batch Email for Sales DN Format
  • Enable WhatsApp template for Sales CN Format
  • Enable Batch Email for Customer Credit Note Format
  • Enable Batch Email for Customer Debit Note Format
  • Bug #5905: DIY Script – Ledger Unable to find the component for Account lookup
  • Enable Batch Email for Customer Invoice Format
  • Bug #5901: GL Opening Balance preview report prompt access violation error

SQL Account 5.2021.911.803

Released on 17 Jul 2021
Release Notes
  • Adjust: eCommerce order posting should overwrite tax to empty
  • Fix bug: Woocommerce product fetching not complete
  • Fix bug: Lazada payment did not post seller balance adjustment
  • Adjust: Shopee order able to post BOM item
  • Adjust Shopee order able to post status cancelled
  • Adjust eCommerce order posting for shipping fee
  • Adjust Shopee product to show all products at form show
  • Fix bug: Lazada payment able to post reversal marketing fee
  • Fix bug: Lazada payment statement has trailing spaces
  • Fix bug: eCommerce post invoice should overwrite the default value of disc
  • Adjust eCommerce order selection
  • Adjust Lazada order able to post “To Ship” to quotation
  • Adjust eCommerce payment to not default select first account
  • Adjust Lazada, Shopee order to show posting order count
  • Bug #5896: SL/PH Order should prompt dialog if user key in deposit amount but payment method is blank
  • Feature #5895: Maintain Stock Item – BOM should enable when have BOM or eCommerce Module
  • Feature #5861: Maintain Stock Item BOM grid Location field should memorize last value
  • Bug #5864: View | Stock Available Balance Stock Card section rename “Available Qty” to “Qty After SO” and “Future Qty” to “Available Qty”
  • Feature #5872: Add feature auto calculate bank gain/loss
  • Add SST Listing 3-DTR format
  • Bug #5892: Advance Credit Control – Unable to Save Cash Sales if only Set Suspend in IV
  • Fixed GST Detail 3 – GST F5-(SG) missing Box 8
  • #5873: Point Listing add Customer Code filtering
  • Feature #5874: Point Browse Screen should enable Filter Row by default
  • #5886: Label missing after change label caption in DIY script
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for GL Bank Reconciliation Report
  • Fixed GST Detail 3 – GST F5-(SG) Total of Boxes (1) + (2) +(3) & (6) not correctly sum
  • Bug #5888: GL Cash Flow Statement Report prompt temp table key violation error when click apply
  • Adjust Lazada payment posting for marketing fee
  • Adjust Lazada order change all status contain 3PL to “SHIPPED”
  • Adjust Shopee payment showing incorrect error message
  • Adjust Shopee order to include courier in shipping fee description
  • Fix bug: Shopee product should show empty status when no action
  • Fixed SST-02 (2020) F16 not included the DTR amount
  • #5877: Apply Sales Picking List Prompt Index error
  • Enable Batch email for FR3 Sales CN
  • Feature #5843: SL/PH CN prompt dialog for auto knock-off transfered invoices/cash sales/cash purchase
  • Adjust Lazada payment able to post reversal item
  • Adjust eCommerce change “Expire Date” to “Session Expire”
  • Adjust eCommerce order able to persist selection
  • Feature eCommerce able to post past order to customer credit note
  • Fix bug: Lazada payment did not post CN
  • Fix bug: Woocommerce order incorrect item price when has discount
  • Adjust eCommerce order to post credit note with FromDocKey, FromDtlKey and FromDocType
  • Adjust Shopee payment posting to replace commission, service and transaction fee
  • Adjust Shopee order posting to separate commission, service and transaction fee
  • Adjust Lazada verify customer payment doc no with cheque no
  • Adjust Lazada able to replace order
  • Adjust eCommerce order will post item id to remark2
  • Fix bug: Shopee did not match item id with stock item code
  • Fix bug: Woocommerce order did not post voucher
  • Adjust Shopee order to able to filter by date
  • Fix bug: Shopee past invoice not found when knockoff payment
  • Fix bug: eCommerce couldn’t replace order when IV knocked off with CN
  • Fix bug: Shopee refund posting adjustment
  • Adjust Shopee order will not post customer refund to knockoff credit note
  • Fix bug: Shopee did not fetch all return orders
  • Adjust Lazada payment transaction no from DocRef4 to description
  • Adjust Lazada payment able to post presales order
  • Adjust Lazada order and payment able handle lost or damaged orders
  • Fix bug: eCommerce showing incorrect payment no
  • Fix bug: Shopee return order fetching incomplete
  • Fix bug: Woocommerce order shipping fee should be positive due to buyer pay
  • Fix bug: Lazada payment statement commission not displayed
  • Bug #5697: Unable to edit customer invoice contains SV tax code even though without payment knockoff
  • Bug #5870: AR/AP Debit Note incorrect document type when post audit trail
  • Increase Calculation or O/s Amt decimal point to 8 for all Sales & Purchase Outstanding report with amt
  • Fix bug #5836: Error when stock take share folder contain non JSON files
  • Add Stock-Assembly Listing (Unit Cost) format
  • Add Cost/Unit for Stock Assembly Report
  • Add GL.Auto.BankRecon.HBMBMY
  • Bug #5730: AR/AP Deposit Refund add Project & Payment Project fields
  • Bug #5826: Supplier knock-off detail show duplicate invoice when perform undo data. AR/AP PM, CN, Refund & Contra should hide undo command from grid context menu
  • Bug #5868: Stock Month End balance – Update GL Stock Value should not allow to update if user do not have access right to edit Maintain Stock Value
  • Bug #5866: Year End if GL Budget has transaction, run Year End will prompt violation of Primary key error
  • Fixed Customer Debit Note Export PDF Error
  • Fixed Customer Credit Note Export PDF error
  • Fixed Sales Order 3 (Sales Disc) batch print shown incorrectly
  • #5853: Change current Shortcut CTRL+T to CTRL+Shift+T
  • #5858: Memory Leaking When using ReportObject in DIY Script
  • Fixed Sales Point Listing & Statement preview error
  • Add GL Ledger-Forex Gain Loss Report
  • Bug #5862: Account Inquiry Invoice full knock-off but still show outstanding in if select date range
  • Fixed Shopee Report format – Spelling error
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Purchase Local – Goods Received Listing (Tax 1)
  • Fixed Purchase Local – Goods Received Listing (Tax 1) should be in Listing
  • Fixed Stock Transfer (With Cost) UnitCost not match with onscreen value
  • Remove Sales invoice 2, Sales invoice 4, Sales Invoice 8 (SST) Subtotal & Sales Invoice 9 format
  • Add Sales Invoice 10, 11 & 12 format

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