LHDN E-Invoice Seminar 2024 | E Stream MSC
🚨 Attention business owners! LHDN E-Invoice going to have a significant impact on your business!
Attention Accountants! What critical things should you be prepared for with LHDN E-Invoice?

Join us for LHDN E-Invoice seminar led by tax expert – Mr. Song Liew, SQL founder & LHDN panel expert – Mr. Desmond Law.

They will discuss the impact of e-Invoice on your business and the key points that accountants need to keep in mind when adapting to this new E-Invoice.

  • 🆕 Pre-E-Invoice vs. E-Invoice: What’s changed and what needs your attention?
  • 🆕 Do’s and Don’ts: Navigate the transition smoothly and avoid pitfalls.
  • 🆕 Peppol vs. LHDN E-Invoice: Demystify the difference and understand compliance requirements.
  • 🆕 E-Invoicing Optional for Customers: What’s the Deal?
  • 🆕 Foreign Workers Without Permits: Self-Bill E-Invoicing Required?
  • 🆕 E-Commerce Transactions: Get e-invoice from platform or merchant? As a merchant, do you receive e-invoices for platform charges?
  • 🆕 Number of fields increased from 51 to 55: Which fields have been removed, and what new fields have been added?

The previous 10 sessions in West Malaysia sold out within a few days.
Sign up now, as seats are limited and filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Fee: RM 50 per ticket or RM 100 for 3 tickets
*An e-Certificate of Attendance is provided

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