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Thank you Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) for another well run conference. Thank you Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Chua Tee Yong, MIA President Salihin Abang, MIA Vice President Datuk Narendra Kumar Jasan, and MIA CEO Dr Nurmazilah Dato' Mahzan for visiting SQL Account booth.

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SQL Account & Dr. Choong Kwai Fatt GST + Budget 2018 Talk in Penang


Thank you 1,550 of you who join us for SQL Account GST & Budget Talk with Dr. Choong Kwai Fatt in Penang.

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SQL Account fully sponsor FREE "6% to 0%. GST to SST" seminars is to help users get updates from GST and tax experts.

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Income tax audit convergence with GST audit + GST to SST Transition by Dr Choong Kwai Fatt

Malaysia's Foremost Tax Expert

Full day seminar with ACCA Attendance Cert, HRDF claimable & lunch provided. RM 371

This is the first of its kind seminar to help business professionals to gain an edge on understanding transitional issues from GST to SST. The seminar will also completely unlock on the methodologies and mechanism evolving income tax audit and GST audit that is still ongoing.

Practical approach as to dealing on SST transitional issues, income tax issues, GST issues would be unreservedly shared. The practical guide to appeal to Special Commissioners of Income Tax (SCIT) and GST Appeal Tribunal would be discussed extensively.

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Is your company ready on Your Company Ready From GST 6% to 0% & From GST 0% to SST?

Spend 4 hours of quality time learning "GST 6% to 0% later to SST" updates from
Mr. Song Liew, GST and Tax Expert

This event is free and sponsored by SQL Account. Users using other software are welcomed to join.

This seminar will discuss all these topics which businesses should take note of for smooth transition.

GST is O% and its tax implications, Latest update and development, Pricing Strategy and Display Price, Tax invoice and Record Keeping, Transitional issues, Claiming input tax, New tax codes, SST model and methodology, Questions and Answers

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GST and Budget 2018 Seminar

Thank you 10,000 of you from Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Penang, Alor Setar, Kota Bharu, Malacca, Johor Bharu, Kuantan, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching who join our seminars. Every towns was overbooked in just one week and SQL Account appreciated all of the participants to make the event's success. LIKE our Facebook SQL Account - Estream HQ and stay tune on SQL Mobile LIVE for Android & IOS, SQL Evolutionary AI Technology, SQL Assets Tracking and others.

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Facebook Live with Dr. Choong Kwai Fatt

- Withholding Tax & Import Services (Part 1 & 2) -

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Part I (Recorded Session)

Part II (Recorded Session)