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SQL Payroll Releases

SQL Payroll 1.2023.246.198

Released on 16 Aug 2023
Release Notes
  • Database upgrade to version 128
  • Add PR.SOCSO.Borang2.Report-Foreign format
  • Change Pipeline from Country to Nationality for PR.Tax.CP22-2021
  • Add Grand Total for PT.Claim.Report
  • Show Payment Type Description for Parameter PayType instead of number when selected 1 PayType for Payroll summary report
  • Add PR.Zakat-Sabah format
  • Update mapping City for PR.Tax.CP22-2021
  • #5916: Increase Passport, ImmigrationNo and PermitNo field length to 40 characters
  • #5904: Add “Send ELeave Email Notification” in Company Profile | E HRMS
  • Add EmailNotif_ELeave column to SY_PROFILE table
  • Fix unable to fill in missing clock in and revise time attendance date range filter
  • Redesign Work Schedule Summary and Rename to Print Work Schedule Summary
  • Display the day of the week in Maintain Calendar, Maintain Public Holiday and Maintain Traveller Location
  • Add label to show ETMS last update date
  • Add PIType and PICode support for TMS Leave Script
  • Rename Print Time Attendance Transaction Listing to Print Time Attendance Unassigned Listing
  • Disable inserting and deleting on sync Time Attendance grid
  • #5897 & #5925: Public Holiday setting removed after user edit employee details
  • #5912: Maintain Public Holiday Calendar – W change to C
  • Change action to “Cancelled” if deductible is 0
  • Add IsOT column to Leave tab in Sync Cloud and support IsOT in Leave Rules script
  • Add IsOT column to TA_TRANS table
  • Add schedule option in Maintain Calendar wizard for Rest Day
  • #5933: Hong Leong bank Connect First IRB file format Country Code column is empty and Staff No column contains non-alphanumeric characters
  • #5932: Leave Attendance report detail record decimal place not same as grand total
  • #5929: Add Nationality dataset to Payroll and Employee reports
  • #5906: Add time mask popupedit for time in minute entry
  • #5923: Maintain employee service year show in years and months
  • #5924: UOB EPF file format version 2.3
  • #5919: Some CP22A, CP22B and CP21 fields does not exclude tax exempted amount
  • #5819: Add Bank of China IGTB Payroll file format
  • Fix sync cloud WorkingHourPerDay value type from integer to TBcd for leaveday calculation
  • #5920: Add Attendance Reward column to employee browse window
  • #5915: Leave entitlement that is manually entered become 0 when recalculate
  • #5918: Allowance Reward script aTransDS dataset added TransDate, WorkUnit, TimeInMinute and Rate field
  • #5917: Delete tax benefit in maintain employee prompt out of bounds error

SQL Payroll 1.2023.243.197

Released on 06 Jul 2023
Release Notes
  • Database upgrade to version 127
  • Update mapping PostCode & State for PR.Tax.CP22-2021
  • Fixed TA.Attendance1 & TA.Attendance2 not Scale to A4 side
  • Lookup new entry form support access right approval
  • Revise sync manager data to include only active employees
  • #5903: Unable to capture Permit Expiry Date in report Employee Listing
  • #5901: Employee tax category in payroll summary report differs from employee master tax category
  • #5898: Revise existing LZS Zakat format to CSV format
  • #5885: Add Access Right for Time Attendance in Sync Cloud
  • Fix error prompt “Dataset not in edit or insert mode” when copy & paste time attendance location
  • Revise Show Map marker in Sync Cloud
  • #5893: Payroll accounting employee EPF, employee SOCSO, employer SOCSO, employee EIS, employer EIS and PCB support GL code by contribution
  • #5886: Add income tax CP22A file format
  • #5894: Access right “Print Payroll Summary – All” is not working
  • #5892: Incorrect description when preview Work Unit Summary report
  • Revise implementation of export PTPTN, CP8D, eData Praisi and Lampiran2
  • #5888: By default, Rest Day is checked in Leave Application
  • #5887: Alliance bank BizSmart Bulk Payment file format version 1.7
  • #5889: Incorrect Commission Summary report data form caption
  • #5880: Standard Chartered bank Bulk Payment format update
  • #5876: Generate new script for Leave Entitlement Policy, Leave Calculate BF and Leave Calculate Amount when pasting Leave Group from clipboard
  • #5884: The default HRDF rate for new company is 1%
  • #5883: Add “Age 60 and above” to EIS category on Maintain Employee window
  • #5870: Pending Overtime doesn’t recalculate WorkUnit when Code is changed

SQL Payroll 1.2023.242.196

Released on 09 Jun 2023
Release Notes
  • Database upgrade to version 126
  • Add monthly tax deduction computerized calculation year 2023
  • Fix bug: Incorrect monthly tax deduction amount calculated using the Knowledge Worker computerized calculator
  • Add HomeScreen
  • #5874: Add Postcode, city and state fields in Maintain Employee | Personal
  • Update TP1 & TP3 2023 new format
  • Fixed PR.SOCSO.Borang8A.Report Export to pdf Logo Black
  • Set late in buffer and early out buffer to 0 when create new session
  • Add Work Session and Work OT report
  • Add OT Remark to Print Time Attendance Summary
  • Fixed Time Attendance Summary report not in order
  • Add new time attendance day type – Rest Day (Special Rate)
  • Add Time Off Leave Type
  • Add Script Name col in Sync Cloud OT and Leave tab
  • Add Script column to TA_Trans table
  • Add Batch Edit to Sync Cloud
  • Add Time Attendance Transaction Listing Report
  • Add Flexi Working Hour script
  • Allow to choose custom script in Maintain Work OT
  • 5875: Preview pending claim in pending payroll listing prompt conversion error
  • #5872: Automation process for current year leave entitlement is not applied to newly created employee
  • #5871: Delete employee prompt “Delete is not allowed” but no TMS trans posted to payroll

SQL Payroll 1.2023.241.195

Released on 22 May 2023
Release Notes
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22-2021 Logo black when export to pdf
  • #5852: Preview payroll summary report doesn’t follow grid column visibility
  • Bank Muamalat Payroll file format missing some bank codes
  • Database upgrade to version 125
  • Fixed black box when export to pdf for PR.Tax.CP22A-2021
  • Revise Show Map form in Sync Cloud
  • Add EarlyOutBuffer column to TA_SESSION and TA_CALENDAR table
  • Revise Show Log form in Sync Cloud
  • Fixed cannot run OT script for public holiday and rest day
  • Remove icon from menu for Work Schedule Summary
  • Add Post Date column to OT tab and Leave Tab in Sync Cloud
  • Add PostDate column to TA_TRANS table
  • Revise old Maintain Calendar to Maintain Public Holiday
  • Fix Work Unit Summary report return incomplete resultset

SQL Payroll 1.2023.239.194

Released on 08 May 2023
Release Notes
  • Database upgrade to version 124
  • #5843: Time in minute for wages should refer to employee maintain contribution working hour per day
  • Fixed PR.Tax.Lampiran B not Min Remuneration not follow user set
  • Fixed HR.Employee.Appointment Signature & date missing
  • Revise Pending Payroll Listing report
  • Add History Listing report
  • Add Permit No and Expiry Date for Permit, Immigration and Passport
  • #5866: Update Maybank2E-RC Universal Payment IRB file format based on version 7.2
  • #1249 & #1624: Add Permit No and Expiry Date for Permit, Immigration and Passport
  • Add PassportExpiryDate, ImmigrationExpiryDate, PermitNo, PermitExpiryDate columns to HR_EMP table
  • Add Time Attendance Multi-Location & Map View
  • Add Clear All Schedule and Location option when select multi employees
  • Allow delete records for TA_Calendar, TA_Summary, TA_Location in EMS if clear all records in local db
  • Feature #5832: Show map on GPS Range column in Sync Cloud
  • Feature #5833: Add Maintain Traveller Location entry form
  • Allow to show log from OT and Leave tab in Sync Cloud
  • #5865: Disable site photo if found drive is “Off”
  • Fix error prompt “RowIndex out of range” in Maintain Calendar
  • #5850: Fix unable to delete employee if employee have existing Time Attendance records
  • By default no rest days are selected for calendar wizard
  • Work Summary Summary remove grey background on today’s date
  • #5860: Fixed prompt ‘At end of table’ in Maintain Calendar
  • TimeInMinute field is missing from PT.Overtime datamap
  • Fix Work Unit Summary report access right does not work
  • #5858: Append an overtime record to employee payroll prompt assertion error if a borne allowance record contributes to overtime.
  • #5857: Payroll Summary report filter by Payment Type prompt “Conversion error from string” error
  • #5856: Payroll summary no data display when filter with category
  • Fixed slow calendar drop down when editing TMS clock in and clock out time

SQL Payroll 1.2023.238.193

Released on 18 Apr 2023
Release Notes
  • #5848: Payroll summary dataset sort order doesn’t match with sort order in grid table view when preview report
  • #5847: Payroll Summary report prompt “PISeq (AD) not found” error
  • #5424: Employer SOCSO number can only have up to 12 characters
  • Database upgrade to version 123
  • Add PR.Yearly.IndividualPay.Report-NoAD format
  • Replace pdf to jpg for PR.Tax.CP21-2021
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22B-2021 Tax number not correctly shown
  • #5781: Work Unit Summary support grouping
  • Adjust statutory body window caption
  • #5844: Paste record from excel into payroll detail dataset prompt “D_Wages: Dataset not in edit or insert mode” error
  • #5842: Time attendance log missing clock by default follow actual date
  • #5837: Allow user to set work session on current day
  • #5840: e-AmBiz Bulk Payment file format missing some bank codes
  • Feature #5841: Add UOB EIS file format
  • #5839: Pending unpaid leave record “Time in Minute” field is null if the record created via leave application
  • #5830: Reposition the Process button on Process Payroll window
  • Fixed missing OT records in Sync Cloud
  • Fixed Sync Time Attendance could not parse SQL TimeStamp string error
  • Add total late in, total early out, clock status and location status variable to Leave Rule script
  • Remove Maintain Calendar from Leave Menu
  • Maintain Branch set default radius to 60 meters
  • Map window allow to maximize in Maintain Branch
  • Rename ELeave tab to E HRSM in Company Profile and Maintain Employee
  • #5831: Allow to edit previous dates without session to rest day and public holiday
  • Remove Batch Edit and multiselect, Disable employee column sorting and branch column editing, Add cancel button, Set default work session text to ‘To Assign’
  • Revise GPS Location label to GPS Monitoring (Work Hour) in Maintain Work Session and Maintain Calendar and revise variable name
  • Fix folder share being deleted on disable SQL Drive
  • #5835: Change HRDF contribution in paysheet does not recalculate HRDF
  • Fix Main menu invalid command ID for Import Data
  • #5811: Leave application table view show “Time in Minute” column
  • #5828: CP8D text format should merge records when the “New IC” or “Old IC” or “Passport No” are the same
  • #5823: Data entry form supports OnBeforeSave DIY event
  • #5822: Maintain Employee window shows Age and Service Year
  • #5827: Add Traveller, Manager Approval, Manager Review and Leave Malaysia column to Maintain Employee
  • Fixed Sync Cloud unable to load claim trans
  • #5824: Leave application attachments drop down prompt error “No mapping for the Unicode character”
  • #5821: OCBC bank Easi-Giro file format missing number of bank codes
  • #5836: Add “Require ID Check” option to OCBC bank Easi-Giro file format

SQL Payroll 1.2023.236.192

Released on 18 Mar 2023
Release Notes
  • Change EA & EC 2022 & 2023 to norm customise design format
  • #5816: Maintain Loan browse window unable to filter by Employee Name
  • #5817: CP8D 2022 column U contains decimals
  • #5818: Some reports still shown to user that does not have access right
  • Database upgrade to version 122
  • #5813: Add Religion field to income tax Lampiran 2 report Main dataset
  • Add Religion column to HR_EMP table
  • Add Online Approval for access right
  • Add remote approval message to access rights
  • SY_User add Mobile, Email & OpenID_Google fields. SY_Profile add Country field
  • Add Time Attendance module
  • Add support Attendance Reward
  • Add AttendanceReward column to HR_EMP table
  • Add validation when process payroll of there are error records
  • Add Time Attendance Summary Report
  • Add Time Attendance to Sync Cloud
  • Add Work Schedule Wizard, Work Schedule Summary and Redesign Calendar
  • Maintain Employee entry form add Work OT and IsTraveller field
  • Add GeoCoordinate input in Maintain Branch and GoogleMapsAPIKey input in Company Profile & sync GeoLat, GeoLong, Radius data
  • Add GeoLat, GeoLong & Radius column to HR_BRANCH and GoogleMapsAPIKey column to SY_PROFILE
  • Add TA Session, TA Calendar, TA Trans, TA Summary and TA OT
  • Conversion of TimeInMinute to WorkUnit/LeaveDay and vice versa
  • Add TimeInMinute column to PT_WA, PT_AL, PT_OT, PT_CO, PT_DE, PT_PL, PT_UL, LV_APP table
  • #5815: CP8D filename contains leading zeros for employer tax number
  • Feature #5814: Add pending allowance and leave application for Invotime import data
  • #5810: Month end process tax amount is incorrect when ad hoc process compensation doesn’t calculate tax

SQL Payroll 1.2023.234.191

Released on 28 Feb 2023
Release Notes
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP8D-2022 Total not correctly shown when more then 3 pages
  • Remove Word Wrap option for Company Information for EA & EC 2022 & 2023
  • 5743 : Fixed PR.Tax.CP22-2021 extra line on export to pdf
  • Fixed HR.Employee.Report-PCB.TP1-2023 page 3 not correct format
  • Remove Checking EPF code for PR.EPF.BorangA.2009.Report
  • Database upgrade to version 121
  • Feature #5801: Increase BankAccNo field length to 30 characters
  • #5793: Rename “Compensation” to “Employment Loss Compensation”
  • #5806: Zakat deducted from gross income when tick contribute to EA
  • #5807: E-Data praisi filename contains leading zeros for employer tax number
  • #5804: Sync EAForm detail and report not updated for year 2022
  • #5803: LampiranB employee socso amount include employee eis amount
  • #5799: Calculate EPF, SOCSO, EIS and Tax when paysheet field is changed
  • #5800: Incorrect employee EPF amount if select EPF option “Without balancing”
  • #5798: Pending unpaid leave “Leave Day As Time” doesn’t follow maintain contribution “Working Hour Per Day” after reopen
  • Feature #5778: Add workunit in yearly individual report
  • #5792: Process missing employee that exists in payroll process newer than current payroll process is allowed

SQL Payroll 1.2023.232.189

Released on 30 Jan 2023
Release Notes
  • Add Print Option & fixed export to excel problem for PR.HRDF 1 & 2 – Level 1
  • Add CP8D 2022 Format
  • Update Borang EA & EC to Pin 2022
  • Fixed SOCSO.Borang8A Officer Name & phone not correct position
  • #5783: Add income tax CP8D for year 2022
  • Revise to check if EIS field exist for UBS DataImport
  • #5784: Close payroll window prompt assertion failure error

SQL Payroll 1.2022.230.188

Released on 12 Jan 2023
Release Notes
  • Database upgrade to version 120
  • Add payroll calculator year 2023
  • Add TP1 & TP3 format for 2023
  • Add income tax EA and EC reports for year 2023
  • Fixed HR.Employee.Report-PCB.TP1-2022 alignment problem
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22A-2021 Tax Number missing 1 char
  • Fixed PR.Summary.Grouped-L2.Report export to excel some field is in white font
  • Remove Officer IC display format
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP21 From Date Not Correctly shown
  • Fixed CP21 Preview report not found…
  • Feature #5780: Append description of loan document to description of pending loan
  • #5769: Payroll Dashboard add employer EPF, SOCSO and EIS amount
  • Preview leave entitlement report prompt list index out of bounds error
  • #5773: Payroll Summary show duplicate paid leave column after change processed paid leave
  • #5710: Unpaid leave default calculation is not Days in a Month
  • #5771: Close paysheet prompt error “Cannot focused a disabled or invisible window”
  • #5770: Ambank E-AmPayDay Net Payroll for SOCSO & EIS invalid amount format
  • #5768: PB enterprise ECP Payment invalid ID Type for foreign worker

SQL Payroll 1.2022.229.187

Released on 09 Dec 2022
Release Notes
  • Change HR.Employee.Report-PCB.TP1-2022 to pdf
  • Update CP21 to new report type
  • Fixed unable to get info in some case for Payslip, EA & EC report in Batch Email
  • Fixed PR.HRDF 1 – Level 1 hang when preview
  • Feature #5762: Add “Override Acceptable Transaction Date” access right
  • #5767: Remove Cheque writer format that is not supported anymore
  • #5765: Ambank Bulk Payment invalid payment mode
  • Feature #5766: Add UOB Instant Transfer file format
  • #5758: Add income tax CP21 report
  • Feature #5761: Add JPMorgan Chase Bank Berhad for Maybank2E
  • Add resource string for some exception and message
  • #5752: Change “Sync Now” button to “Update Payroll” button when second sync is required

SQL Payroll 1.2022.228.186

Released on 26 Oct 2022
Release Notes
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22-2020 preview error
  • Feature #5717: Add Citibank PayLink GIRO file format
  • #5488: Add TransDate variable to “Leave Calculate Amount” script
  • #5713: Pending deduction description doesn’t follow employee deduction description when employee deductions have duplicate deduction code
  • #5749 – unable to sync payslip if “Include Employee Payroll Info” option is unchecked
  • #5747: Add AmAccess Biz Bulk Transfer file format
  • #5746: Save paysheet prompt error “is not a valid integer value for integer type”
  • #5745: HLB ConnectFirst via DuitNow missing char D for beneficiary account no column
  • Feature #5735: Add clear cloud cache
  • Rename PR.SOCSO.Borang8A.Report format
  • Fixed Preview error when no record for PR.HRDF 1 – Level 1
  • Replace PR.Tax.CP22-2021 with pdf
  • Update CP21, CP22, CP22A & SOCSO.Borang8A(201407).Report by reduce the report format size
  • Fixed PR.HRDF file name extra –
  • Update PR.HRDF 1 – Level 1 add No Hrdf Info
  • #5737: Rename and reposition working days option on leave calculate amount wizard form
  • #5733: Duplicate employee net pay records in coinage report
  • Feature #5732: Payroll accounting employer EPF (JE) support GL code by contribution
  • #5731: RHB bank SOCSO payment default file format is not Text (New)

SQL Payroll 1.2022.224.185

Released on 21 Sep 2022
Release Notes
  • #5711: Upload PB enterprise IRB excel to bank return error “Filename is invalid”
  • Update PR.Tax.CP8 (For Borang E) – Add Year field
  • Fixed PR.Payslip1C.Report-V2 format preview error if OT Rate more then 900
  • #5727: Leave application window leave type button caption doesn’t follow leave type caption
  • Feature #5724: Add CP38 in contribution summary
  • Feature #5715: Add DuitNow payment mode for Hong Leong bank ConnectFirst file format
  • Fix Sync IncludePayrollInfo old value not updated after sync

SQL Payroll 1.2022.223.184

Released on 30 Aug 2022
Release Notes
  • Database upgrade to version 119
  • Fixed PR.Contribution.Info-Detail preview Error
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP21-2021 not same as government format
  • Fixed Preview Error for CP39 & CP39A
  • Fixed Payslip V2 format Preview Error
  • Add multi approval feature
  • Add “Request” status filter to “Sync Leave Application” window
  • Company Profile add MultiApproval checkbox, Maintain Employee add MgrReview checkbox and Sync Cloud version add MultiApproval field
  • Feature #5706: Increase SOCSO contribution wage range to 5000 effective on 1 Sep 2022
  • Feature #5705: Increase EIS contribution wage range to 5000 effective on 1 Sep 2022
  • Feature #5701: Add “Print SOCSO + EIS Contribution” to month end welcome screen
  • Feature #5700: Add access right for Print SOCSO+EIS and PTPTN
  • #5699: Wrong value for auto claim TaxDeduction SOCSO and EIS

SQL Payroll 1.2022.222.183

Released on 16 Aug 2022
Release Notes
  • Fix bug: Database upgrade to version 116 prompt “Dynamic SQL error token unknown WHERE”
  • Database upgrade to version 118
  • Sync Cloud add EA Form report
  • Rename Country to Nationality, Resident to TaxResident
  • Change A5 in Tax CP8D to recognize ResignDate and ResignAttr
  • Add ResignAttr column to HR_EMP table
  • Change Country to Nationality for HR.Employee.Report
  • Increase DocNo field length from 20 to 40 characters
  • Add PR.SOCSOnEIS.List.Report format
  • Update PR.Tax.CP22A-2021 to as close as possible with government report
  • Fixed PR.Payslip1C.Report-V2 reports OT detail not full shown
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22A-2021 title not correct
  • Bug #5676: Income tax reports tax exemption amount exclude tax exemption compensation
  • Bug #5698: Maybank2E-RC Universal Payment Zakat file format “Debiting Account Number” column is not filled
  • Fix Duplicate borne allowance SOCSO or EIS records after process payroll
  • #5695: Maintain Calendar show 12 months
  • Feature #5694: Print SOCSO + EIS Contribution
  • #5692: Show weeks number of calendar in Leave.Application.Employee
  • Update HRDF rate of the month whenever user process new payroll for the same month
  • #5673: Change leave type buttons pressed style
  • Fix show resigned employee checkbox too small
  • #5685: Leave application window leave type buttons are not based on leave group
  • #5684: Adjust logo size and position in Payroll Dashboard
  • Improve Employee MonthEnd loader performance speed
  • Feature #5683: Add access right for HRDF Summary
  • Feature #5654: Auto update DOB and gender when enter NewIC
  • Fix Unable to process payroll when there are more than 2000 employees
  • Feature #5681: Add HRDF field to payslip dataset

SQL Payroll 1.2022.220.182

Released on 29 Jun 2022
Release Notes
  • Add HRDF Column for PR.Summary.Grouped reports
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22-2021 error when have Resign Date
  • Add PR.HRDF format 1 & 2 & rename current to format 3
  • Feature #5665: Add MBSB Bank EPF, SOCSO, EIS, IRB format
  • Feature #5665: Add MBSB Bank Bulk Payment Format
  • Fix bug: Cloud Sync cause column unknown (attachments) error on insert LV_APP
  • Bug #5675: Public holiday OT less than working hours init rate is incorrect
  • #5664: Add Email and SMS choice to Public Bank ECP Format
  • #5646: Show full 12 months calendar; not allow different year leave application
  • Bug #5667: No data displayed when filter by HRGroup in print HRDF

SQL Payroll 1.2022.217.181

Released on 31 May 2022
Release Notes
  • Database upgrade to version 116
  • Fix inconsistence font type and size in grid for employee browse form
  • Employee EPF, SOCSO, EIS and TAX will only calculate upon save
  • Remove unused payroll yearly calculator windows
  • #5648: SQL View setting does not apply to pending claims
  • Set Default Header to Code if Description is Empty for Payroll Summary Work Unit Reports
  • Set Default Header to Code if Description is Empty for Payroll Summary Reports
  • Fixed CP22 & CP22A 2021 data should be in uppercase
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22A-2021 missing subtitle
  • Add Total Levi to be Paid column for PR.HRDF reports
  • Fixed PR.Summary.Grouped Report 1 – Process Parameter not fully shown
  • #5589: RHB Bulk Payment format “ePayment File Identifier” field value must be 01
  • Add “Include Zero HRDF” option to HRDF report
  • Fix Process HRDF prompt error “Duplicates not allowed”
  • #5654: Remove feature #5315 auto fill Gender, DOB and SOCSO number after enter New IC number
  • #5658: “Division by zero” error prompt when click Leave Dashboard after create New Database
  • #5652: Error when filter by Employee for HRDF report
  • Adjust overlapped controls position

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