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SQL Payroll Releases

SQL Payroll 1.2023.232.189

Released on 30 Jan 2023
Release Notes
  • Add Print Option & fixed export to excel problem for PR.HRDF 1 & 2 – Level 1
  • Add CP8D 2022 Format
  • Update Borang EA & EC to Pin 2022
  • Fixed SOCSO.Borang8A Officer Name & phone not correct position
  • #5783: Add income tax CP8D for year 2022
  • Revise to check if EIS field exist for UBS DataImport
  • #5784: Close payroll window prompt assertion failure error

SQL Payroll 1.2022.230.188

Released on 12 Jan 2023
Release Notes
  • Database upgrade to version 120
  • Add payroll calculator year 2023
  • Add TP1 & TP3 format for 2023
  • Add income tax EA and EC reports for year 2023
  • Fixed HR.Employee.Report-PCB.TP1-2022 alignment problem
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22A-2021 Tax Number missing 1 char
  • Fixed PR.Summary.Grouped-L2.Report export to excel some field is in white font
  • Remove Officer IC display format
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP21 From Date Not Correctly shown
  • Fixed CP21 Preview report not found…
  • Feature #5780: Append description of loan document to description of pending loan
  • #5769: Payroll Dashboard add employer EPF, SOCSO and EIS amount
  • Preview leave entitlement report prompt list index out of bounds error
  • #5773: Payroll Summary show duplicate paid leave column after change processed paid leave
  • #5710: Unpaid leave default calculation is not Days in a Month
  • #5771: Close paysheet prompt error “Cannot focused a disabled or invisible window”
  • #5770: Ambank E-AmPayDay Net Payroll for SOCSO & EIS invalid amount format
  • #5768: PB enterprise ECP Payment invalid ID Type for foreign worker

SQL Payroll 1.2022.229.187

Released on 09 Dec 2022
Release Notes
  • Change HR.Employee.Report-PCB.TP1-2022 to pdf
  • Update CP21 to new report type
  • Fixed unable to get info in some case for Payslip, EA & EC report in Batch Email
  • Fixed PR.HRDF 1 – Level 1 hang when preview
  • Feature #5762: Add “Override Acceptable Transaction Date” access right
  • #5767: Remove Cheque writer format that is not supported anymore
  • #5765: Ambank Bulk Payment invalid payment mode
  • Feature #5766: Add UOB Instant Transfer file format
  • #5758: Add income tax CP21 report
  • Feature #5761: Add JPMorgan Chase Bank Berhad for Maybank2E
  • Add resource string for some exception and message
  • #5752: Change “Sync Now” button to “Update Payroll” button when second sync is required

SQL Payroll 1.2022.228.186

Released on 26 Oct 2022
Release Notes
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22-2020 preview error
  • Feature #5717: Add Citibank PayLink GIRO file format
  • #5488: Add TransDate variable to “Leave Calculate Amount” script
  • #5713: Pending deduction description doesn’t follow employee deduction description when employee deductions have duplicate deduction code
  • #5749 – unable to sync payslip if “Include Employee Payroll Info” option is unchecked
  • #5747: Add AmAccess Biz Bulk Transfer file format
  • #5746: Save paysheet prompt error “is not a valid integer value for integer type”
  • #5745: HLB ConnectFirst via DuitNow missing char D for beneficiary account no column
  • Feature #5735: Add clear cloud cache
  • Rename PR.SOCSO.Borang8A.Report format
  • Fixed Preview error when no record for PR.HRDF 1 – Level 1
  • Replace PR.Tax.CP22-2021 with pdf
  • Update CP21, CP22, CP22A & SOCSO.Borang8A(201407).Report by reduce the report format size
  • Fixed PR.HRDF file name extra –
  • Update PR.HRDF 1 – Level 1 add No Hrdf Info
  • #5737: Rename and reposition working days option on leave calculate amount wizard form
  • #5733: Duplicate employee net pay records in coinage report
  • Feature #5732: Payroll accounting employer EPF (JE) support GL code by contribution
  • #5731: RHB bank SOCSO payment default file format is not Text (New)

SQL Payroll 1.2022.224.185

Released on 21 Sep 2022
Release Notes
  • #5711: Upload PB enterprise IRB excel to bank return error “Filename is invalid”
  • Update PR.Tax.CP8 (For Borang E) – Add Year field
  • Fixed PR.Payslip1C.Report-V2 format preview error if OT Rate more then 900
  • #5727: Leave application window leave type button caption doesn’t follow leave type caption
  • Feature #5724: Add CP38 in contribution summary
  • Feature #5715: Add DuitNow payment mode for Hong Leong bank ConnectFirst file format
  • Fix Sync IncludePayrollInfo old value not updated after sync

SQL Payroll 1.2022.223.184

Released on 30 Aug 2022
Release Notes
  • Database upgrade to version 119
  • Fixed PR.Contribution.Info-Detail preview Error
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP21-2021 not same as government format
  • Fixed Preview Error for CP39 & CP39A
  • Fixed Payslip V2 format Preview Error
  • Add multi approval feature
  • Add “Request” status filter to “Sync Leave Application” window
  • Company Profile add MultiApproval checkbox, Maintain Employee add MgrReview checkbox and Sync Cloud version add MultiApproval field
  • Feature #5706: Increase SOCSO contribution wage range to 5000 effective on 1 Sep 2022
  • Feature #5705: Increase EIS contribution wage range to 5000 effective on 1 Sep 2022
  • Feature #5701: Add “Print SOCSO + EIS Contribution” to month end welcome screen
  • Feature #5700: Add access right for Print SOCSO+EIS and PTPTN
  • #5699: Wrong value for auto claim TaxDeduction SOCSO and EIS

SQL Payroll 1.2022.222.183

Released on 16 Aug 2022
Release Notes
  • Fix bug: Database upgrade to version 116 prompt “Dynamic SQL error token unknown WHERE”
  • Database upgrade to version 118
  • Sync Cloud add EA Form report
  • Rename Country to Nationality, Resident to TaxResident
  • Change A5 in Tax CP8D to recognize ResignDate and ResignAttr
  • Add ResignAttr column to HR_EMP table
  • Change Country to Nationality for HR.Employee.Report
  • Increase DocNo field length from 20 to 40 characters
  • Add PR.SOCSOnEIS.List.Report format
  • Update PR.Tax.CP22A-2021 to as close as possible with government report
  • Fixed PR.Payslip1C.Report-V2 reports OT detail not full shown
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22A-2021 title not correct
  • Bug #5676: Income tax reports tax exemption amount exclude tax exemption compensation
  • Bug #5698: Maybank2E-RC Universal Payment Zakat file format “Debiting Account Number” column is not filled
  • Fix Duplicate borne allowance SOCSO or EIS records after process payroll
  • #5695: Maintain Calendar show 12 months
  • Feature #5694: Print SOCSO + EIS Contribution
  • #5692: Show weeks number of calendar in Leave.Application.Employee
  • Update HRDF rate of the month whenever user process new payroll for the same month
  • #5673: Change leave type buttons pressed style
  • Fix show resigned employee checkbox too small
  • #5685: Leave application window leave type buttons are not based on leave group
  • #5684: Adjust logo size and position in Payroll Dashboard
  • Improve Employee MonthEnd loader performance speed
  • Feature #5683: Add access right for HRDF Summary
  • Feature #5654: Auto update DOB and gender when enter NewIC
  • Fix Unable to process payroll when there are more than 2000 employees
  • Feature #5681: Add HRDF field to payslip dataset

SQL Payroll 1.2022.220.182

Released on 29 Jun 2022
Release Notes
  • Add HRDF Column for PR.Summary.Grouped reports
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22-2021 error when have Resign Date
  • Add PR.HRDF format 1 & 2 & rename current to format 3
  • Feature #5665: Add MBSB Bank EPF, SOCSO, EIS, IRB format
  • Feature #5665: Add MBSB Bank Bulk Payment Format
  • Fix bug: Cloud Sync cause column unknown (attachments) error on insert LV_APP
  • Bug #5675: Public holiday OT less than working hours init rate is incorrect
  • #5664: Add Email and SMS choice to Public Bank ECP Format
  • #5646: Show full 12 months calendar; not allow different year leave application
  • Bug #5667: No data displayed when filter by HRGroup in print HRDF

SQL Payroll 1.2022.217.181

Released on 31 May 2022
Release Notes
  • Database upgrade to version 116
  • Fix inconsistence font type and size in grid for employee browse form
  • Employee EPF, SOCSO, EIS and TAX will only calculate upon save
  • Remove unused payroll yearly calculator windows
  • #5648: SQL View setting does not apply to pending claims
  • Set Default Header to Code if Description is Empty for Payroll Summary Work Unit Reports
  • Set Default Header to Code if Description is Empty for Payroll Summary Reports
  • Fixed CP22 & CP22A 2021 data should be in uppercase
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22A-2021 missing subtitle
  • Add Total Levi to be Paid column for PR.HRDF reports
  • Fixed PR.Summary.Grouped Report 1 – Process Parameter not fully shown
  • #5589: RHB Bulk Payment format “ePayment File Identifier” field value must be 01
  • Add “Include Zero HRDF” option to HRDF report
  • Fix Process HRDF prompt error “Duplicates not allowed”
  • #5654: Remove feature #5315 auto fill Gender, DOB and SOCSO number after enter New IC number
  • #5658: “Division by zero” error prompt when click Leave Dashboard after create New Database
  • #5652: Error when filter by Employee for HRDF report
  • Adjust overlapped controls position

SQL Payroll 1.2022.215.180

Released on 23 Apr 2022
Release Notes
  • Database upgrade to version 115 – Add LV_ENTITLE_CALC table
  • Feature #5641: Recalculate employee leave entitlement for current working year when user sets employee resign date
  • Feature #5276, #5600: Redesign HRDF report
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Payslip 2A format
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Payslip 1C format
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Payslip 1B format
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Payslip 1A format
  • Update PR.SOCSO.Borang8A(201407).Report with Status
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Payroll Summary Reports
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for HR Module reports
  • #5644: Add access right for Show Amount in Payroll Summary (Work Unit)
  • Revise the number of children displayed for Lampiran B report
  • Fixed #5645: RHB Smart Payroll format “Al Rajhi Bank” BIC code is missing
  • Feature #5643: Add PB enterprise EIS excel format
  • Fix Upload AmAccess Biz excel file to bank unable to read first row of record
  • #5639: Upload PB enterprise IRB excel to bank return error “Country code is mandatory if passport no is filled; otherwise must be blank – MY”
  • Feature #5636: Add Project, Job and Task group by option for Payment Summary

SQL Payroll 1.2022.214.179

Released on 26 Mar 2022
Release Notes
  • Rename PR.Tax.CP22 to PR.Tax.CP22-2011
  • Enable Support UseNameICPass pdf password for Batch email for EC 2020, 2021 & 2022
  • Enable Support UseNameICPass pdf password for Batch email for EA 2020, 2021 & 2022
  • Enable Support Name2 & UseNameICPass pdf password for Batch email for Payslip
  • Database upgrade to version 114
  • Customize EA form Employee List do not follow SQL View setting
  • #5613: Customize EA form Employee List do not follow SQL View setting
  • #5628: Yearly individual main dataset records not match as filters
  • #5634: User still can apply tax beneft/optional tax relief summary report even though doesn’t have access right
  • #5615: Add RHB Reflex SOCSO text format (new)
  • #5633: HRDF calculation doesn’t exclude foreign worker remuneration
  • #5631: Hide number of grid columns on HRDF data form window
  • Feature #5632: New deduction master record uncheck HRDF contribution by default
  • #5630: Income tax EC form C1 column include CP38 amount
  • Adjust move up and down button position of group and sort by
  • Fix sync cloud to load leave app log in filtered record
  • #5626: Incorrect tax exemption amount calculated when employee pending allowance is not added in order
  • Add Attachments column to batch leave application form

SQL Payroll 1.2022.213.178

Released on 01 Mar 2022
Release Notes
  • Add PR.Contribution.Info-Detail format
  • Fixed PR.Tax.PCB2(II)-2012 Field Mapping error
  • Add filtering option to sync LeaveApp
  • Add sync cloud LeaveApp, Pending Claim and Payroll access right
  • Add PR.Tax.Lampiran2 format
  • #5604: Revise income tax lampiran 2 report
  • #5609: Upload PB Enterprise ECP Payroll excel file to bank return error “Invalid Total Amount” due to missing thousand separator
  • #5623: Maintain Opening Balance should not allow save if Retired Civil Servant Life Insurance and Life Insurance is not 0
  • Feature #5581: Add Agro Bank Bulk Payment format
  • Fix gateway-timeout error when sync paysheet with payslip
  • Revise Bank Giro to exclude record with Amount less than 0 when export
  • #5617: Revise to exclude Amount less than 0 when Print Payment Summary for credit bank report
  • #5620: Upload RHB Bulk Pay file to bank return error “Total hash value is not correct”
  • #5619: Revert income tax exemption for Loss of employment for YA2022 back to RM10,000 per full year
  • Adjust sync payroll ui
  • #5610: Pending Director Fee pay year does not change on 2nd record when post date year change
  • #5611: Preview error on CP22A

SQL Payroll 1.2022.211.177

Released on 07 Feb 2022
Release Notes
  • Allow user to edit pending claim after sync from server
  • Change sync pending claim line chart to bar chart
  • #5606: Maybank Bulk Payment start with empty row
  • #5605: Incorrect header format info in EPF Borang A PB Enterprise Excel Format
  • 5603: Annual Leave’s B/F Show Result is ‘0’ When Last Year Balance Is Negative
  • #5598: Incorrect turnover result where there is a resigned staff in a month
  • Add income tax 2021 EA to sync
  • Feature #5597: Revise missing Employer Tax No. in PB enterprise Excel
  • #5599: eData Praisi 2021 upload error due to Donation amount is empty
  • Fix Prompt Install WebView2 due to windows update

SQL Payroll 1.2022.210.176

Released on 18 Jan 2022
Release Notes
  • Feature #5594: Add income tax eData Praisi for year 2021
  • Update income tax EA, EC year 2021 and 2022
  • Feature #5587: Add new field for income tax EA 2021 and EC 2021 report
  • #5593: Process payroll prompt error “Interface not supported” when STD calculator is Return Expert Program
  • Feature #5591: Add Excel format for Tabung Haji
  • Fix Payroll dashboard get wrong result for last year YTD, leave dashboard headcount include inactive employee
  • #5588: Apply income tax report prompt error “Dynamic SQL error column unknown C.DeductionType”

SQL Payroll 1.2022.208.175

Released on 06 Jan 2022
Release Notes
  • Add dashboard access right
  • Database upgrade to version 113
  • Add dashboard
  • Add payroll calculator year 2022
  • Add TP1 & TP3 2022 report in Maintain Employee
  • Add auto append optional tax relief for EIS
  • Add Attr column to PT_TD table
  • Feature #5570: Add PTPTN deduction
  • Revise zakat and tabung haji options on employee deduction, master deduction and pending deduction
  • Add DeductionType, DeductionAttr column to HR_EMP_DE, PR_DE and PT_DE table
  • Sync payroll payslip to server
  • Sync leave application attachment to and from server
  • Add Attachments column to LV_APP table
  • Enable Support Name2 option for PDF Password for batch email for EA 2020 & 2021
  • #5586: Upload RHB Reflex SOCSO excel file to bank return error “Employee SOCSO Number must not be greater than 9 digits”
  • #5585: Maybank2E-RC Universal Payment SOCSO file format “New ID No” column is not filled with SOCSO number when the employee is foreign worker
  • Add PR.EPF.KWSP17A.Khas2022 & remove PR.EPF.KWSP17A.Khas2021 format
  • Fixed PR.Zakat-Kelantan Mobile Number not properly shown
  • #5583: No Value for UOM field in Wages Pipeline for Payslip
  • #5582: Prompt access violation when click “calculate amount” on PCB receipt
  • Feature #5315: Auto fill Gender, DOB and SOCSO number after enter New IC number
  • #5580: Adhoc allowance error when just check Allowance
  • Add Entitle variable to calculate BF leave script
  • Add Process Pipeline for Batch email for Payslip
  • Fixed GetTitle shown empty for Batch Email in EA for 2019 to 2021

SQL Payroll 1.2021.206.174

Released on 23 Oct 2021
Release Notes
  • Add GetTitle option & Parameter pipeline for Batch Email in EA for 2019 to 2021
  • Add GetMonth & GetTitle Option for Batch Email in Payslip
  • Fix Number of bank file formats are invalid
  • #5572: Bank EPF file format detail record employee name column value missing a character when employee name length exceed 40 characters
  • Add Grand Total for Remuneration column for EIS, EPF & Socso List report
  • Revise bank excel file formats only assign cell object string value when value is not empty
  • Adjust leave application rule to allow insert leave taken and leave replacement on the same date

SQL Payroll 1.2021.205.173

Released on 25 Sep 2021
Release Notes
  • Fix HRDF report amount not calculated when remuneration less than 0
  • Fixed PR.Payslip1C.Report-V2 payslip detail for AL, DE & UL not match with Header Amount
  • Bug #5566: Income tax CP22A report incorrect number of children
  • Fixed PR.EPF.List.Report Remuneration is empty
  • #5567: Resigned employee deduction calculated with wage, ot and unpaid leave in column B1 in CP22A
  • Fix payroll sync to address GetMemDS throw error
  • Fixed HR.Employee.Payment By Cash Letter batch print footer employee name not correctly shown
  • Reduce Row usage on export to excel for PR.Summary.Grouped-L1.Report 1
  • Add support of preview payment voucher or journal entry before save to file
  • Add cloud claim report
  • #1636: Add Rate column in bonus to calculate amount
  • Database upgrade to version 112

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