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SSM BRN Search & LHDN TIN Validation ​

Find any Malaysia company’s new and old SSM BRN numbers instantly​
Validate LHDN E-Invoice Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) easily. ​
Ensure accurate TINs for compliant LHDN E-Invoice.

SSM BRN Number Search​

This website helps you easily search for any company in Malaysia their new or old BRN (Business Registration Number). It integrates with SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) to retrieve both new and old BRN number.

As of 2024, Malaysia requires Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) on all e-invoices. This website also connects to LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) APIs to validate the TIN you enter. This helps ensure your e-invoices aren’t rejected due to invalid TINs.

Simply enter the company name and our website will search SSM to find the company’s BRN (both new and old format). You can then enter the TIN to verify its validity with LHDN.

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BRN Number (New)
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Why validate your TIN?

✅   Avoid rejection :                                       Don’t let invalid TINs cause delays or rejected e-invoices.
✅   Be compliant :                                          Valid TINs demonstrate compliance with the new regulations.
✅   Simplify processes :                                Accurate TIN data makes e-invoicing faster and more efficient.

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