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Payroll Malaysia – Process. Review. Print. It’s simplicity at it’s best

What's unique? SQL Payroll software is built from ground up around Payroll Process. You can easily process and print from one to hundreds of employee's pay slip with just a few mouse click. What's more is that you can virtually keep unlimited payroll history and have your data safe and sound with strong security and data protection.

SQL Payroll is so simple! Discover how you can go from payroll processing to printing pay slips in just a few steps.

SQL Payroll Feature

Sync Across All Devices

Everything you need to make your business grow super fast!

Monthly payroll process

What's unique?
Enjoy speedy payroll processing and view each earning breakdown with an intuitive screen display
Edit payroll processes anytime anywhere with SQL Payroll software. Experience accurate, real time recalculations of statutory contributions.
SQL Payroll is compliant to all Malaysian statutory bodies like KWSP, LHDN and SOCSO. Our system saves you the trouble by auto calculating EPF, SOCSO, EIS, HRDF and PCB contribution. To ensure flawless calculations, our PCB calculator comes with the latest contributions rates.
Send individual payslips by batch with the batch email feature. Every e-mail sent comes with a password encryption to ensure utmost privacy and security
SQL Payroll software contains all necessary statutory report forms like EPF Borang A, SOCSO Borang 8A, PCB Income Tax CP39, and EIS Lampiran 1
Make salary payments via electronic submissions. More than 25 Malaysia banks including Maybank, Hong Leong Bank, Cimb bank, public bank can be used to perform bank giro on SQL Payroll Malaysia software.
Enter overtime, claims, allowances, bonus, leaves, tax benefits, and other deductions in advance and incorporate it later on into the final payroll for that particular month
Process multiple month ends by groups. You can process separate month end for different groups of employees. Eg, you can process the salaries for the sales group on the 25th of every month and the other groups on the end of every month.
Generate employee forms EA and employer form E and also perform e-submission with SQL Payroll software
Our wide variety of customizable reports and payslips allow you to create the ideal report that truly represents your corporate identity and business nature.

Need a report?
SQL Payroll software provides payslips, payroll summary, credit bank report, cheque listing, contribution info listing, and HRDF report

Need a government report?
We provide government reports like: EPF Borang A, Socso Borang 8A, Socso Borang 2, Socso Borang 3, EIS Lampiran 1, EIS Borang 1, EIS Borang 2, Income Tax CP 39, Income Tax CP 39 A, CP 22, CP 22 A, CP 8, CP 159, e-Data Praisi, Lampiran B (PCB Audit), Zakat Borang Skim Berkat, PCB 2, CP 8D (Borang E). 

Leave Management

Leave Management

What's unique?
SQL Payroll HR software lets you manage multiple leave types for your employees. Including annual leave, unpaid leave, and medical leave. Create more leave types based on your business needs like compassionate leave, study leave and others.
By using leave group entitlement. You can set the number of leaves a group of employees are entitled to. You can create a group for managerial group, sales group, and contract worker group.
Checking your leave application has never been easier! Effortlessly view your applications using our calendar mode
SQL Payroll software design with simplified interface, you can set your unpaid leave formula as easy by select the numbers of calendar method (labour law compliance) as well as by custom days setting example 26 days.
Set your own unpaid leave formulas by selecting the day of unpaid leave taken on the calendar (compliant with labour law) and the customizable number of days.
Annual leave can be brought forward to the next year. All you have to do is set the maximum number of days and the system will do the rest.

Need a leave report?
SQL Payroll HR software consists of a complete and comprehensive set of leave reports such as leave application report, leave balance report, leave entitlement report, and yearly leave report.

Any unused annual can be carried forward to next year, you can even set maximum days of carried forward.

SQL E Leave - payroll app apply leave anytime, anywhere

What's unique?
say goodbye to printing leave application forms. apply your leave with SQL E Leave mobile app anytime, anywhere. Enjoy the freedom of checking your leave status on your mobile and receive notification alert when your leave has been approved.
View your past payslips from an unlimited number of months on the e-leave app. you can check your salary details like wages, allowance, deduction, epf, socso and many more.
Have unlimited access when referring to your past records of EA forms for a seamless and smooth process of e-filing on LHDN.
Check leave pending approval, apply leave on behalf of your employees, and check daily attendance all on your mobile phone! Leave application and leave balance reports can also be generated
E Leave Mobile
Time Attendance

Others useful function

What's unique?
process adhoc payment interval such as bonus, commission, as separate payroll payment. These payouts are separated from the usual payroll process.
SQL Payroll HR software comes with appointment letter, confirmation letter, increment letter, assessment letter, termination letter and other letter formats that are necessary in any HR management system.
limit your employees access and process payroll by designated grouping. For example, manager level salaries can only process by HR manager. Regular HR staff only can view executive level salaries.
Manage employee loans with SQL Payroll software. SQL Payroll will auto deduct the loan from your wages based on the loan repayment rate and repayment period that you set. You can check your loan repayment history for reference.
SQL Payroll automatically calculates all necessary tax contribution for you. But you can always use our Income Tax calculator to double examine payroll entries that you recorded.
flexible data import / integration from any time attendance system in excel or csv format.
unlimited year payroll records can be store in SQL payroll, reprint previous EA Form or view previous year payroll information from any year. Especially useful when you are called for a PCB audit.
Set Payroll frequency to process bi-monthly or even weekly salary. Our system will automatically proportion the salaries accordingly.
SQL Payroll software ready with all malaysia government report EPF Borang A, SOCSO Borang 2, SOCSO Borang 3, SOCSO Borang 8A, EIS Borang 1, EIS Borang 1A, EIS Borang 2, EIS Borang 2A, EIS Lampiran 1, Income Tax CP39, CP39A, Income Tax CP 39A, Income Tax CP 22, Income Tax EA Form, Income Tax EC Form, Income Tax CP 8, CP 159, Income Tax e Data Praisi, Income Tax CP 8D Borang E, Income Tax Lampiran B (PCB Audit) Income Tax Lampiran 2 (PCB Audit), Income Tax PCB 2(II), Zakat Borang Skim Berkat, HRDF Report.
Instead of manually keying in an employee’s information, use a mykad reader to retrieve all the necessary information that is needed by every employer and populate the employee master form within seconds.
SQL Payroll can be integrated seamlessly with most time attendance systems. Sql Payroll calculates OT, Leaves, and allowances without any mistakes and minimal external interference.

Unlimited monthly free payroll software training and responsive support team

No worries if you are unfamiliar with our system! We provide free payroll software training every month. Contact us to find out more! Our technical support team is fully trained and equipped to assist you via phone, email, and remote access.

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Release Notes

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SQL Payroll Releases

SQL Payroll 1.2022.220.182

Released on June 29, 2022
Release Notes
  • Add HRDF Column for PR.Summary.Grouped reports
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22-2021 error when have Resign Date
  • Add PR.HRDF format 1 & 2 & rename current to format 3
  • Feature #5665: Add MBSB Bank EPF, SOCSO, EIS, IRB format
  • Feature #5665: Add MBSB Bank Bulk Payment Format
  • Fix bug: Cloud Sync cause column unknown (attachments) error on insert LV_APP
  • Bug #5675: Public holiday OT less than working hours init rate is incorrect
  • #5664: Add Email and SMS choice to Public Bank ECP Format
  • #5646: Show full 12 months calendar; not allow different year leave application
  • Bug #5667: No data displayed when filter by HRGroup in print HRDF

SQL Payroll 1.2022.217.181

Released on May 31, 2022
Release Notes
  • Database upgrade to version 116
  • Fix inconsistence font type and size in grid for employee browse form
  • Employee EPF, SOCSO, EIS and TAX will only calculate upon save
  • Remove unused payroll yearly calculator windows
  • #5648: SQL View setting does not apply to pending claims
  • Set Default Header to Code if Description is Empty for Payroll Summary Work Unit Reports
  • Set Default Header to Code if Description is Empty for Payroll Summary Reports
  • Fixed CP22 & CP22A 2021 data should be in uppercase
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22A-2021 missing subtitle
  • Add Total Levi to be Paid column for PR.HRDF reports
  • Fixed PR.Summary.Grouped Report 1 - Process Parameter not fully shown
  • #5589: RHB Bulk Payment format "ePayment File Identifier" field value must be 01
  • Add "Include Zero HRDF" option to HRDF report
  • Fix Process HRDF prompt error "Duplicates not allowed"
  • #5654: Remove feature #5315 auto fill Gender, DOB and SOCSO number after enter New IC number
  • #5658: "Division by zero" error prompt when click Leave Dashboard after create New Database
  • #5652: Error when filter by Employee for HRDF report
  • Adjust overlapped controls position

SQL Payroll 1.2022.215.180

Released on April 23, 2022
Release Notes
  • Database upgrade to version 115 - Add LV_ENTITLE_CALC table
  • Feature #5641: Recalculate employee leave entitlement for current working year when user sets employee resign date
  • Feature #5276, #5600: Redesign HRDF report
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Payslip 2A format
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Payslip 1C format
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Payslip 1B format
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Payslip 1A format
  • Update PR.SOCSO.Borang8A(201407).Report with Status
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for Payroll Summary Reports
  • Reduce Column Usage on FR3 Export to excel for HR Module reports
  • #5644: Add access right for Show Amount in Payroll Summary (Work Unit)
  • Revise the number of children displayed for Lampiran B report
  • Fixed #5645: RHB Smart Payroll format "Al Rajhi Bank" BIC code is missing
  • Feature #5643: Add PB enterprise EIS excel format
  • Fix Upload AmAccess Biz excel file to bank unable to read first row of record
  • #5639: Upload PB enterprise IRB excel to bank return error "Country code is mandatory if passport no is filled; otherwise must be blank - MY"
  • Feature #5636: Add Project, Job and Task group by option for Payment Summary

SQL Payroll 1.2022.214.179

Released on March 26, 2022
Release Notes
  • Rename PR.Tax.CP22 to PR.Tax.CP22-2011
  • Enable Support UseNameICPass pdf password for Batch email for EC 2020, 2021 & 2022
  • Enable Support UseNameICPass pdf password for Batch email for EA 2020, 2021 & 2022
  • Enable Support Name2 & UseNameICPass pdf password for Batch email for Payslip
  • Database upgrade to version 114
  • Customize EA form Employee List do not follow SQL View setting
  • #5613: Customize EA form Employee List do not follow SQL View setting
  • #5628: Yearly individual main dataset records not match as filters
  • #5634: User still can apply tax beneft/optional tax relief summary report even though doesn't have access right
  • #5615: Add RHB Reflex SOCSO text format (new)
  • #5633: HRDF calculation doesn't exclude foreign worker remuneration
  • #5631: Hide number of grid columns on HRDF data form window
  • Feature #5632: New deduction master record uncheck HRDF contribution by default
  • #5630: Income tax EC form C1 column include CP38 amount
  • Adjust move up and down button position of group and sort by
  • Fix sync cloud to load leave app log in filtered record
  • #5626: Incorrect tax exemption amount calculated when employee pending allowance is not added in order
  • Add Attachments column to batch leave application form

SQL Payroll 1.2022.213.178

Released on March 1, 2022
Release Notes
  • Add PR.Contribution.Info-Detail format
  • Fixed PR.Tax.PCB2(II)-2012 Field Mapping error
  • Add filtering option to sync LeaveApp
  • Add sync cloud LeaveApp, Pending Claim and Payroll access right
  • Add PR.Tax.Lampiran2 format
  • #5604: Revise income tax lampiran 2 report
  • #5609: Upload PB Enterprise ECP Payroll excel file to bank return error "Invalid Total Amount" due to missing thousand separator
  • #5623: Maintain Opening Balance should not allow save if Retired Civil Servant Life Insurance and Life Insurance is not 0
  • Feature #5581: Add Agro Bank Bulk Payment format
  • Fix gateway-timeout error when sync paysheet with payslip
  • Revise Bank Giro to exclude record with Amount less than 0 when export
  • #5617: Revise to exclude Amount less than 0 when Print Payment Summary for credit bank report
  • #5620: Upload RHB Bulk Pay file to bank return error "Total hash value is not correct"
  • #5619: Revert income tax exemption for Loss of employment for YA2022 back to RM10,000 per full year
  • Adjust sync payroll ui
  • #5610: Pending Director Fee pay year does not change on 2nd record when post date year change
  • #5611: Preview error on CP22A

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